Tips to Avoid Reputational Damage Lawsuits against your Business

By Rylie Holt

According to a survey published on Forbes, 40% of a company’s market capitalization is pegged on corporate brand and reputation. In other words, one of the most valuable assets is your good name. A company’s brand reputation deals with perceptions, expectations, and business relationships. If these aspects are not safeguarded, a lawsuit arising from a bad reputation could kill your business. In this article, we share some great tips to help you avoid reputational damage lawsuits.

Be quick to fix errors

Ever heard of the phrase, “The client is always right.” Working with this ideology keeps you safe from a myriad of customer tussles. Sometimes, the client is wrong, but offering to listen and willing to investigate makes them happy. Remember, a happy client is a happy business. On the other hand, if you make mistakes, be prompt in addressing them. Be as upfront as possible about the correction and assure the client you have made every effort to address the problem

Train your employees to act professionally

Employees are the face of your business. So, everything they say or do is a representation of you. In that case, you want to make sure that you are represented in the best possible manner. Train your employees on professional conduct when dealing with clients. Make sure they know the risks of libel and slander. Teach them to always gather facts and managerial methods on cases that could affect the business.

Stop making promises you can’t fulfill

Promising to do something always sounds like an easy way of handling a problem. Sadly, “The act now, apologize later.” motto is not so wise. In fact, overpromising is the worst mistake an entrepreneur can make and it can hurt your business. Keep in mind that a customer can sue you for failed promises. Don’t say you will deliver when you know you can’t. Trying to impress customers through promises leads to lost credibility, negative reviews, unhappy customers, and bad PR.

Deal with sexual misconduct at work

You must have come across the Ashley Alford sexual harassment case that cost The Aaron’s Inc. $95million in compensation. You are perhaps wondering how that is possible! According to a criminal defense lawyer Scott Dattan, an employee can sue your business over sexual harassment. Sadly, lawsuits arising from sexual harassment cases not only bear a huge financial impact but tarnish the name of your brand. As a business, you must invest heavily in sexual harassment training and mitigation approaches. A sexual harassment policy is vital in promoting the brand’s name.

Focus on positive image and communication

One of the long-term ways of avoiding reputational damage is consistently sending out positive communications. Doing this creates a good public image and lessens the impact of future damages. Let your clients know what’s happening and how you are responding to incidents. While it is impossible to please anyone, focus your message on key stakeholders that

Wrap up

Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you might not have control of all aspects that may result in reputational damage. So, in addition to reinforcing these tips, invest in small business insurance to manage such costs. General liability and professional liability insurance will come in handy. Additionally, always consult a lawyer on best practices that will keep your business safe.

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5 Best Reasons to Have a Script When Recruiting Real Estate Agents

By Rylie Holt

One of the most important elements of real estate agent recruitment is your recruitment script. Now, you might think that they aren’t as effective nowadays considering that people are craving authentic conversations in the digital age. The truth, however, is that recruiting scripts for real estate agents are as effective these days, if not more.

If you aren’t convinced just yet, here are some very good reasons why you should definitely still use scripts for your recruitment efforts:

You’ll Sound More Put Together

The main argument about using scripts for real estate recruitment is that you’ll sound robotic or formulaic. However, with a skilled recruiter leading the conversation, this isn’t so much of an issue. What you have to be concerned about is the flow, which can be a little problematic if you don’t know what to say. This is where a script can come in handy.

With a script to follow, you don’t have to worry about awkward pauses and filler words like “erm” and “uh.” You’ll sound more confident and put together, instead of confused. As a result, the candidate will find you more credible and professional. They’ll also be more impressed by what you have to say, simply because you sound better.

The key is to develop a script that doesn’t involve any complex or flowery words. Instead, pick terms that are used in daily conversations. There’s no need for flowery or high falutin words. Applicants will know if you’re only saying things for the sake of buttering them up, especially if you really want them to join your company.

You Can Prove That You Did Your Research

As much as applicants are trying to impress you with their credentials, you’re also trying to impress them. After all, if your brokerage doesn’t stand out from the others, what reason is there for talented real estate agents to sign on with you?

One way to impress your prospective hires is to do your research. Give them a reason to trust you by doing your best to get to know them. Learn about their career and their interests, and then pepper these details in your recruitment script. Doing so will show them that you’re as invested in them as they are in your brokerage. This will help create rapport, putting them at ease and making you easier to remember.

You Can Shorten the Conversation

People are busy, including real estate professionals who are looking for jobs in a highly competitive market. This simply means that you should keep the conversation with candidates short but meaningful. Don’t waste their time beating around the bush. A script can immensely help in this aspect.

With a script guiding you through the conversation, you can trim the fat and get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible. In fact, you can even tell the applicant that your discussion will take only 10 minutes of their time (or even shorter). When a prospect knows how much of a time investment they have to make, they’ll be more likely to entertain the call. (Of course, when you mention a time, make sure to commit to it.)

You Can Formulate the “Perfect” Response

A powerful recruitment script requires a lot of hard work. However, the ultimate reward is the “perfect” script for every situation. Just imagine having a ready response for every question that a candidate has for you. If they have any reservations about signing on with your company, you can easily allay their concerns with a carefully crafted script. You’ll certainly be leaving a great impression!

Again, the “perfect” script will take a lot of work. In fact, you’ll have to constantly review, update, and optimize them to respond to an ever-changing industry. Still, the effort will be worth it in the end.

You Can Make Recruitment Easier and More Productive

Think of your email drip campaigns. You have templates for those so it’s easier to send them, right? The same is true for your cold calls and interviews. If you have a script for everything, from introduction to references, then you’ll have a smoother and more productive conversation.

Recruitment scripts can also make training new HR or recruitment personnel easier, too. As a result, your team will be more consistent and their recruiting performance will increase. This is especially important if you want to hire the best of the best real estate professionals. The ultimate result is, of course, the growth of your company through the help of the best hires (made by the best recruiters).

Having recruiting scripts for real estate agents is one of the best ways to revolutionize the way you hire new people. Scripts may be something “old school,” but they’re still effective tools if you know how to make and use them properly. You might be surprised just how much more productive your recruitment efforts will be with the help of great scripts.

Invest time and effort in creating recruitment scripts for every situation. It will surely take your recruiting to a new level of success.

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7 Tips For Keeping Your Data Safe on Apple Devices

By Rylie Holt

Do you know how to keep your data safe on your Apple devices? Have you been taking data security seriously?

If you own an Apple device such as a Macbook or an iPhone then it’s important that you do everything you can to keep it secure. It’s important to protect your data from hackers and intruders and to take steps to prevent sensitive data from being uncovered.

Fortunately, we’re here to help with that. Below we’ll tell you how you can keep your data safe and secure on Apple devices.

1. Set Strong Passwords

One of the best ways to keep your Apple devices safe is to make sure you’re using passwords and passcodes whenever possible.

Setting a password to log into your Macbook or a passcode to log into your iPhone is essential. When setting up passwords, however, make sure that you choose them wisely. Ensure that the passwords you set for your devices aren’t easy to guess. Instead, use a combination of letters and numbers to make your passwords more resistant to intruders.

Additionally, make sure that you enable two-factor authentication for your devices as well to add an extra layer of protection.

2. Install Anti-Malware Software

Another great thing you can do to secure your data is to install malware and adware protection software on your Apple devices. Installing antivirus software on your Macbook and on your iPhone can provide a lot of extra protection and will make it less likely that your devices will be hacked. It will prevent spyware, adware, and viruses from being installed.

Ideally, get malware protection software that monitors your devices 24/7 and be sure to run malware scans regularly to check for malicious code.

3. Back Up Your Devices Regularly

One of the very best things you can do to keep your Apple data safe is to get into the habit of making regular backups. Backing up your data is important and will help ensure that if anything ever happens to the data on your computer or on your other Apple devices you’ll be able to recover it.

Backing up your devices can be helpful in case your computer or mobile device ever gets physically damaged or if malware infects your device and ends up corrupting important data. Be sure that you learn how to back up my iPhone or Apple computer if you want to be fully prepared for the possibility of data loss.

4. Update Your Software

To keep the data on your Apple devices safe and sound, one of the top things you can do is to make sure you always install software updates in a timely manner. Updates often help to fix vulnerabilities in the software on your Apple devices, so by keeping it updated you’ll ensure that your system remains as secure as possible.

Be sure that you go into system preferences and set the software on your Macbook and on your other Apple devices to update automatically whenever there are updates available. This will help ensure that any software vulnerabilities are fixed as soon as possible and that you’ll have a better chance of keeping your data secure.

5. Start Using a VPN

Using a virtual private network (VPN) client is another great way you can more fully protect the data on your Macbook, iPhone, or other Apple device. A VPN helps to encrypt your connection with any public Wi-Fi networks that you’re using and will give you greater privacy, preventing anyone else who is connected to the network from seeing what you’re doing.

If not protected with a VPN, a hacker could potentially see sensitive data and personal information over the wireless connection. A VPN client will help to prevent this and will help keep your data more secure when you use your devices in a public place.

6. Remember Physical Safety

While there are many things you can do to keep your data safe, it’s important to remember that you should keep your devices physically secure as well.

If you’re using your phone or your computer in a public setting, you should never leave it unattended. Be sure to always keep an eye on your devices and ensure that it is never far from your reach. If your computer or phone is stolen, sensitive data and personal information that is on the device will be compromised and this could lead to big problems.

By always being mindful of your devices and knowing where they are you’ll avoid problems and will ensure that your data is kept secure at all times.

7. Locate Your Device

Apple understands the potential for devices such as MacBooks or iPhones to get stolen or lost from time to time, and because of this, they have a service called “Find My” that lets you easily track your device and find out where it is.

Before anything happens to your device, you should make sure to protect it by going into your iCloud preferences and setting your Find My app settings up. You can this for any of your Apple devices.

Once the Find My app is set up properly, you’ll be able to track your device and even view a map of where it is. This can be a lifesaver if you ever experience a worst-case scenario and a device gets lost or stolen.

Using These Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

If you want to keep data safe on your Apple devices then it’s important that you have a gameplan in place. Be sure that you make use of the tips above to protect your sensitive data and to block intruders from stealing your personal information.

Looking for more helpful technology tips? Explore our blog now to find more tips and advice for making the most out of Apple technology.

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Check out documents required for a Home Loan in Mumbai

By Rylie Holt

When setting out to become a homeowner, the right home loan can help you bridge the distance between you and the home of your dreams. So before you go seeking the ideal home loan for you, make sure you have all the right pieces in place by checking the documents required. Here is a list of the documents required to avail a home loan in Mumbai.

Documents Required for a Home Loan

The exact documents required depends on the lender as well as other factors such as the occupation of the applicant. However, there are certain home loan documents that tend to remain common across lenders and applicants. So, if you are specifically seeking a home loan in Mumbai, here are a few documents that might be worth keeping handy:

Proof of Identification

Identification proofs are typically a requirement in applications of all kinds. You can submit this in the form of a PAN card, Aadhaar card etc.

Proof of Age

Since lenders include specific age limits when listing out their home loan eligibility criteria, a document indicating your official age would also be required. This can be in the form of IDs such as PAN cards, a birth certificate or marksheets.

Proof of Address

This is yet another document typically required in most other applications as well. It can be in the form of a passport, driving license etc.

Income Documents for Salaried Individuals:

To assure a lender of their repayment capability, salaried individuals must submit income proofs such as Form 16, payslips of 2-3 months or Income Tax returns.

Income Documents for Self-Employed Individuals:

Like salaried individuals, self-employed professionals must also submit income proofs with a different set of home loan documents. These include balance sheets, business license, proof of business address and so on.

Having these documents handy and organized can make your application process much easier and smoother. However, before collecting these home loan documents, make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the lender. Moreover, it is also useful to make the most of the home loan EMI calculator provided by the lender to help you determine the ideal installment amount to pay for years to come.

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Law firms – introduction to online advertising

By Rylie Holt

Whether your law firm informs people on debt, on divorce, or personal injury, you may have already looked into online advertising. We’re going to cover the basics to highlight your potential knowledge gap – let’s find out…

PPC & social media advertising

PPC stands for pay per click, and is split across what is known as ‘search’ and ‘display’. Search refers to displaying your ads at the top of search engine results pages (you may have noticed the ‘Ad’ sign next to the top pages in Google results, for example). Display refers to displaying your ads in the ad space on websites that have been deemed suitable. The basic principle is that bidders place bids on keywords, such that when that keyword is searched by users, ads from the top bidder for that keyword will appear at the top of Google and on relevant pages visited by the user.

Social media advertising does exactly what it says on the tin. This form of online advertising involves placing ads on social media, targeting demographics such as the age or location of the user. If you don’t know what you’re doing, using a Facebook advertising service for lawyers could be easier and more beneficial for your business.


Don’t underestimate the importance of a website. Anybody who is anybody, whether handling high profile legal cases or simply selling home-made crafts and trinkets, has to have a smoothly designed and functional website. Without a clean and modern looking web presence, you cannot expect to compete in the online market for clicks.

Attempting to build your own website from scratch if you have never before attempted such a feat can be a daunting task, with much to learn about things like using templates, basic HTML coding, how to upload content through a CMS (that’s ‘Content Management System’), and how to present your website in terms of layout and keywords that search engines and visitors will recognise as high value. You’ll also need images, a brand logo, and regular updates (such as a blog section) that lets the public – and search engines – know that you are open and trading. Websites that are rarely updated may lose ranking due to the fact that search engines cannot be certain as to whether the lights are on and if anybody is there to answer the phone. Again, blogging and social media updates come with their own learning curve.

All of this means that approaching a digital marketing agency may be in your interests if you do not have the time to learn the skills you need and if you wish to save money on hiring an in-house team.


Your law firm’s online presence won’t happen overnight. It’s going to take planning, execution, and maintenance. Your choices are to hire an in-house team or consult with a digital marketing agency if you want your law firm’s online presence to thrive. In general, in-house teams tend to cost more.

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The Importance of Work-Life Balance: Set Yourself up for Success

By Rylie Holt

The modern professional is constantly plugged in to work, often on their off time. Streams of emails, texts, and pressure from your employer can interfere with the family or social life that awaits you outside of the office doors. Too often the never-ending balancing act between work-you and home-you teeters too far and threatens to topple over. Of course you want to be engaged at work; employee engagement is a critical component of any successful business. There is nothing wrong with desiring success! But just in case you’re struggling to keep all your balls in the air, here’s a set of suggestions to “set” yourself up for success in all aspects of life.

1. Set your Priorities

Decide first and foremost where your work life ends and your home life begins. Perhaps you have no interest in starting a family, and youth home life consists of keeping up with a few close friends. There is nothing wrong with that! People in this category have more wiggle room when it comes to working overtime and bringing projects home. Maybe you have kids who are grown and don’t require as much of your time as they used to. Or maybe you have young children and you want to be the parent attending every game, recital, field trip, or any activities that are important to your children. Family is a huge obligation; no wonder Pew Research reports that 38% of parents believe that working full time makes it more difficult to raise their children. Regardless of your situation, decide exactly what kind of friend/parent/loved one and exactly what kind of employee you want to be in order to ensure a perfect balance with each.

2. Set Your Pace

Remember that work-you and home-you move at different speeds. Especially in this era, where work consists of never-ending projects and go-getters hustling in the professional game. Chances are your workplace self gets frazzled and hectic, shifting quickly from one task to another. Leave that person at work. Your family is not a to-do list, your friends are not impending deadlines. Slow down once you leave the office and savor the moments as they come. There will be more chaos soon enough; appreciate the peace when you can.

3. Set Attainable Goals

The emphasis here is on “attainable.” Setting goals that are in reach will keep you from getting overly stressed by impending deadlines and unmet expectations. recommends that each day, you make a to-do list, then analyze that list to make sure it’s within reason. Be honest with yourself and eliminate tasks that are either unnecessary or not urgent. Then, prioritize tasks according to importance, ensuring you have a strategy to complete the most important ones ASAP. Tackle your most difficult project first. Knocking out the most intimidating thing on your list early will not only start you off with a sense of accomplishment, but will make the rest of your day breeze by.

4. Set Boundaries

Do not be afraid to say no. No job is worth sacrificing your relationships. You probably believe your boss wants a yes man, and those who say no will be punished. If your boss genuinely wants you to sacrifice your well-being for the job, it’s time to look for a new boss. Remember, there will always be valid reasons to say no. If you mindfully avoid taking on more than you can handle, you will actually increase your productivity. To exceed both at home and in the workplace, avoid overextension to keep your work at work.

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What can I do with my English degree?

By Rylie Holt

It’s a difficult time to be a student or graduate. The current pandemic has brought around economic uncertainty and there are fewer jobs out there. However, it’s important to remember that this will pass. A successful career is still very much achievable.

If you studied English at university, it can be difficult to know what career to pursue. While you learn and develop a number of useful skills studying English, your career path might not be as obvious as someone studying business or medicine, for example. Here are some ideas if you’re feeling a little stuck.


Marketing is a growing industry with plenty of career options. It’s a great career for an English graduate as plenty of roles rely on good writing abilities. You might be crafting email campaigns, writing social media posts or creating slogans. This means that marketing companies are often looking for graduates with excellent written abilities and an understanding of English language. There are plenty of entry-level roles or internships in marketing companies where you’ll be working on a range of digital marketing services. You could find that you become a marketing guru.


There are many benefits to becoming an educator. Teaching can be an extremely rewarding profession. You get to meet bright and enthusiastic young people and influence the way they think. Most of us can remember at least one of our school teachers and the way they encouraged us to think differently. Teachers need to have good written abilities and an understanding of grammar – especially if they’re teaching English. Your English degree will put you in good stead to go into do a PGCE or other teaching course.


If you studied English, you probably enjoy writing, right? Becoming a writer might be the most obvious career path for an English graduate. But it can also be the hardest, too. You might want to become a professional freelance writer, writing your own novels, screenplays or poetry. It’s a great career choice with the option of being incredibly creative, but you’ll need to work hard. Freelance writers have to find their own work and network widely to ensure they can make a living. However, as an English graduate you probably love writing and have the motivation to follow this exciting career path.


All lawyers need to have some kind of law degree. However, English graduates are well suited to do law conversion courses, as studying English teaches them the right transferable skills. Lawyers need to be excellent linguists; knowing how to use words to persuade and convince. They need to analyse information and rely on numerous sources to get information. And they need to work hard and know how to study. Most English graduates understand this. They will have spent their degree reading, analysing, writing and gaining an understanding of language. So, if you want to take on interesting cases, meet new people and become and expert in your field, a career in law might be just the ticket.

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How to Get a Real Estate License in Missouri

By Rylie Holt

Real estate is something that appeals to a lot of people. It’s a flexible career with plenty of chances for growth – not to mention lucrative income-earning opportunities. Among all of the different ways to start a career with real estate, becoming a licensed real estate agent is one of the best career tracks. And if you’re located in Missouri, the process of getting licensed isn’t nearly as challenging as you might think.

Is a Real Estate License Right for You?

First off, you need to make sure that getting a real estate license is the right move for you. Because while it’s a fairly straightforward process, it does require some time, work, and expense. Here are a few factors that indicate a career in real estate is the right fit:

  • You’re tired of working for other people and want to be your own boss. You desire the flexibility to set your schedule, work the hours you want to work, and call your own shots.
  • You don’t want to spend four years obtaining an expensive degree just to make a career pivot. You’d rather get started in a matter of weeks or months.
  • You’re tired of a salary that’s set in stone. You want unlimited income earning potential that’s directly correlated to hard work and effort.
  • You want a career that’s challenging and continually evolving. You like the process of growing and improving over time.
  • You’re a people person who likes meeting and interacting with new people on a daily basis.
  • You want a career that provides future flexibility to effortlessly pivot into other niches.
  • You want a career that provides you with real life skills and strengthens your existing talents.

If you answered yes to most or all of these points, then a career as a real estate agent is something that you’ll find rewarding and enjoyable.

5 Tips for Getting Your Missouri Real Estate License

In order to legally call yourself a real estate agent in the state of Missouri and represent buyers and sellers in transactions, you must obtain your Missouri Real Estate License. The process isn’t complicated, but it is something that you have to follow with precision.

Here’s what the process looks like:

  • Complete the 72-Hour Pre-License Courses

Before you can apply for the state licensing exam, you must first complete 72 hours worth of pre-license education. This comes in the form of two courses:

  • The 48-hour salesperson pre-examination course
  • The 24-hour real estate practice course

You’ll have to pass a final exam for each course before you’re allowed to schedule the state licensing exam. You can increase your chances of passing these courses by choosing a good online Missouri real estate school.

  • Pass the State Licensing Exam

Next comes the state licensing exam. This is an in-person exam that requires you to pass both a “national” portion, as well as a “state” portion. You must answer 70 out of 100 national questions correctly, as well as 30 out of 40 state questions.

  • Get Fingerprinted

Once you pass both of your exams, it’s time to get fingerprinted at an IDEMIA location. This will require you to register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS).

  • Apply for Your License

“After you have met the eligibility requirements and passed the examination, you may apply for your real estate salesperson’s or broker’s license,” The Missouri Real Estate Commission explains. “You must submit your application for license to the Missouri Real Estate Commission within six months of the date of your 48-hour pre-examination course completion.”

If you have specific questions about applying for your license, you can contact the Missouri Real Estate Commission directly.

  • Find a Broker

In order to practice real estate, you’ll need to find a broker. This process is known as hanging your license.

There are lots of brokers to choose from, so you’ll need to make your decision wisely. Some will take as much as 25 to 40 percent of your sales commissions, while others will only require a small flat fee. Research your options, weigh the pros and cons, and interview with a couple of different brokers to see which one you like best.

Enjoy Your New Career

A career in real estate is rewarding and meaningful. It gives you the opportunity to be flexible and to feel like you’re actively helping people improve their lives. If this is something that intrigues you, then we’d highly recommend pursuing it. Whether you’re in Missouri or another state, the process tends to be fairly simple and straightforward. It’s up to you to put in the work!

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6 Tips to Help Your Business Select the Best Intranet Solution

By Rylie Holt

Running a successful business in today’s environment requires a high degree of efficiency, collaboration, and security. And while there are thousands of apps and tools on the market, a comprehensive intranet solution could be exactly what your organization needs to get ahead.

What is an Intranet?

An intranet is basically a private enterprise network that’s designed for the exclusive purpose of serving the organization by providing a fully integrated digital platform for internal collaboration.

The first intranets were created in the early 1990s, but wasn’t until the 2010s that they began incorporating social features and advanced elements that make it possible for individual users to have profiles and interact with other users in real-time.

Over the years, intranets have pivoted from primarily top-down communication to fully collaborative platforms that encourage organic engagement throughout each layer and department of the organization. Think of it like a centralized portal for sharing documents, ideas, and messages.

6 Tips for Choosing an Intranet

The rapid advancement of intranet technology has been fueled by increased competition and innovation in the space. While this is ultimately good news for teams that need intranets, it also creates challenges with determining how to proceed.

As you conduct your due diligence and compare options, here are some helpful tips that will allow you to choose the right fit for your organization.

  • Know the Different Types

Not all intranets are the same. They come in a variety of types and formats.

There are custom solutions and off-the-shelf solutions. But unless you have deep pockets and highly technical needs, paying a developer to create your very own custom solution isn’t affordable or necessary. Instead, you want to look for a cloud-based option that offers the flexibility to pick and choose the features you want to use.

Cloud based intranets are excellent alternatives to on-premise intranet software (which the organization actually purchases, owns, and hosts in their own data center).

As Happeo explains, “The provider hosts, manages and maintains the intranet software and the user pays for the licensing fee. With data stored in the cloud organizations are able to access their data at any time and from anywhere in the world.”

The easy setup and flexible pricing explain why so many of today’s leading organizations choose cloud-based options like Happeo.

  • Evaluate Vendors

Think about the vendors behind the platforms. It’s one thing to have an intranet solution with a bunch of bells and whistles, but is there a reliable and trustworthy support team working behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly? This is something to consider as you evaluate different vendors.

  • Look for Attractive UI

Don’t ignore the importance of the user interface (UI). It might seem like a tiny detail, but the reality is that you want your team to use the intranet. And the easiest way to encourage them to adopt it with open arms is to give them something that’s aesthetically pleasing and highly intuitive.

UI might not be the most important element, but it’s certainly not the least. Consider it once you get further into the due diligence process and it may help separate two intranets that otherwise seem to be fairly equal.

  • Think About Integration

Unless you’re starting a business from scratch, your company already has numerous tools, processes, and workflows in place. The worst thing you can do is implement an intranet that’s incompatible with what you’re already doing.

Think about integration from the very start. (The goal of an enterprise intranet is to make things easier – not more complicated!) If it won’t work with 90 percent of the activities you carry out on a daily basis, it’s probably not the software for you.

  • Consider Scalability

Hopefully your business grows over time. And if it does, you need an intranet that grows with you. Avoid investing in a cookie-cutter solution that works now, but will no longer be as effective in two, three, or five years. Scalability is a must!

  • Collaborate With Your Team

Finally, involve your team in the decision. At the very least, you should form a team that consists of one representative from each department. This ensures everyone’s voice is heard and that nobody gets the raw end of the deal by being forced to use something that will negatively impact output.

Welcome to the New Age

Every intranet has slightly different features, interfaces, strengths, and weaknesses. As you compare different options, consider how each will impact your business both now and indefinitely. An intranet solution is an investment. Don’t commit until you’re ready.

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5 Crucial Business Password Management Practices

By Blogtrepreneur

Password management is the building block of security for your business. While there are many aspects of staying safe online, maintaining a strong password is the best and easiest way to ensure your business doesn’t suffer a data breach

There are five crucial business password management practices that can protect your company.

1. Use a Password Manager

By far the easiest and best investment is to use a corporate password manager. Companies like Keeper Security specialize in keeping your business safe.

Password managers implement a single sign on system where all of your individual passwords and account information is stored under one master password. This allows for individual passwords to be used on each application, which is standard password protection protocol, without the hassle of trying to remember which password goes to which application.

Gone are the days of having to sit on hold with IT while they perform yet another password reset of your most used applications because you forgot your password.

2. Encryption is Essential

Password Management Companies offer more than just password storage. They also have encryption practices that secure your data so that in the event of a breach, all the hackers are receiving is a file of scrambled characters.

Unscrambling encryption is something even the most advanced hackers won’t have the ability to do in the time before passwords change and the information is useless. This is an easy and effective way to keep secure information safe.

Encryption is especially important if your company handles protected health information, social security numbers, or banking and credit card details. Not only is it important, but not having encryption means you are out of compliance with laws such as HIPAA.

3. Limit Password Sharing

While there may be one or two times where sharing a password may be necessary, for the most part, you should never share your password with anyone. Even the employee who seems to have your best interest at heart should not be privy to your password.

Passwords are confidential for a reason. Sharing your password with one person could seem harmless. But if they do not share the same confidentiality as you, they can easily pass that information on, even unintentionally.

There is no easier way to have a security breach than to just hand out your password.

4. Implement Two-Factor Authentication

Utilizing two-factor authentication protects you from someone who may be able to guess your password actually being able to enter your accounts. When you enable two-factor authentication, it sends a text with a code to your phone. You must enter this code before the system will let you continue.

Without the code, you are locked out and you won’t be able to access any of the information. If someone is able to hack into your account and not complete the two-factor authentication, you will be notified and will be able to change your password on your next login. It is a great tool in keeping you safe.

5. Educate Employees on Safe Internet Usage

While most of these tasks seem simple on the surface, a lot of times employees forget that they are dealing with a company and not just their home computer. Educating your staff on the importance of safe internet usage is essential in keeping your business safe.

Educate on the importance of not opening links on emails where they don’t know the sender. It is much easier in business to want to trust a link from an unknown source thinking they are a potential client or vendor. Ensure that the link you are opening does come from a trusted source and not a phishing scam.

Set up web blocks on sites that employees are not permitted to use. This usually includes all social media sites, unless their use is part of their job. Limiting access to certain websites helps maintain security across sites that are notorious for creating data breaches.

Maintaining a password change schedule can ensure that all of your employees are compliant with constantly changing their password. Instead of suggesting a change, mandate that they change it on a recurring interval. 90 days is a standard timeframe, but some companies opt for 30 to ensure their security.

If you follow these simple steps to password security and invest in a password management system like the ones offered by Keeper Security, you can be confident that you are providing your business with the toughest internet security you can get.

Maintaining your passwords and keeping your information off the dark web will not only help you sleep at night but can save you from a very expensive data breach that could potentially end your business.

Hackers are smart and very resilient, but good security can keep them at bay and your information safe.

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