• Chicago video and photography studio rental
  • Professional video consulting, chroma key,
    editing and motion graphics services 
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Lobi Studio
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Studio in Chicago

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  • Wall Green Screen Studio
  • Free Make Up Room
  • Professional Camera Operator
  • Large monitor set up for Director
  • We will provide and set up professional lighting
  • Audio Equipment for talent Lav mic and Boom mic
  • Bring External Drive and we will transfer all your footage at end of shoot
  • Free Parking.

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Script Writing

You may like to write your own script, which is great. If not, we can do it for you! All you need to do is provide 5-6 bullet points per 30 seconds of what you want included in the video. Basically, a rough outline of the direction you are wanting the video to go. From there we will write the script and then collaborate with you to get the end product. Pricing for this is $250.00 per 30 seconds.


Professional Voice Over

If you have professional voice over needs, whether it be for an online presentation, video, television or radio commercial, we have the talent to meet your needs. Pricing for this is $200.00 per 30 seconds.

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