10 Ideas For Trade Show And Conference Swag That Will Have Your Booth Buzzing

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The first step towards scaling success at trade shows and conferences is to build traffic at your trade show booth and set it buzzing with visitors. As such attracting the attention of visitors requires trade show booth staffers and marketing professionals to deploy ideas that have value, are rare and non-imitable and have organizational fit.

It makes enormous good sense to assert that as key aspect to understanding the challenge here is that the ideas deployed should enable visitors to visualize that a visit to your booth shall create value for their investment of time and efforts. The ideas should be rare and correspond to the communication of the key brand differentiators of your business and convey the message of the unique selling point of your business, at a glance. Third, the ideas that you use to create a buzz at a trade show or a conference should be non-imitable to the extent possible so that your brand building efforts align with your sustainable competitive advantage. Finally, the ideas need to fit into your organization and reflect your business philosophy to the visitors at the trade show. Here are 10 such ideas that may enable your trade show marketing team to set your booth buzzing. Take a look.

  • Deploy Digital Signage Showing Customer Collaborations

The first impression at a trade show or a conference matters a lot. As such the front view of your trade show rental booth has to be exceptionally attractive and catchy. Deploy a digital signage that shows customer collaborations to the visitors at the trade show. Collaborations that have enabled your business to offer solutions to the challenges of your customers make for great headlines. Create content that spells out the key result areas only. For example, you may share how your business reduced the turnaround time (TAT) for a customer by 40% by leveraging technology or process innovation. Keep the titles for the content to be displayed on the digital signage crisp, precise and insightful.

  • Share Customer Success Story Videos at the Reception

Second, as visitors enter your trade show booth, share customer success story titles on the walls. Create video content using a simple powerpoint presentation or in gif format that demonstrates the logos of the customers that you have worked with. This may prove to be great for B2B marketing. If you are into B2C marketing explore the idea of sharing video testimonials of customers that are delighted to get a service or a product from you. Videos on customer success are far more attractive than handing over a brochure or a leaflet. Make sure that the content in the video is short and tells visitors about the challenges that your business resolves.

  • Choose a Trade Show Booth Design that is Relevant to your Industry

Third, choose a trade show booth design that is relevant to your industry. The aesthetics certainly matter. However, it is important to choose a trade show booth design that allows your trade show marketing team to follow the script that they have in mind. Engage with your trade show booth builder in advance and brief them about what you intend to do at the trade show. Do you want to demonstrate products? Do you want to display the business process or the workflow? Do you want to engage in meetings with visitors at your trade show booth? How many visitors would you like to engage in meetings at a time? What may be the approximate duration of such meetings? How would you like the queue of visitors to engage time while your booth staffers attend to other visitors? The choice of your trade show booth design should provide answers to such questions.

  • Talk About Social Impact in the Content

Fourth, do not discount the social impact of your business. Speak it aloud so that visitors may get to know and understand the value of what you are offering and not just the cost. For example, if your business is collaborating with a healthcare institution to offer cloud-deployed software; your content should reflect on the number of patients that the healthcare institution handles within a unit time. Further, your business should also spell out how your offerings are making a difference in the lives of such patients and making life easier for the healthcare enterprise staff to offer services to such patients.

  • Make and Share Customer Education Videos

Fifth, do not assume that your customers know your side of the story. Share knowledge that can enable them to understand the critical to mission offerings you provide. Share knowledge resources on the importance of the challenge that your business addresses. Create customer education videos that suggest why resolving the challenges that they face is important and what are the benefits. Such videos may be basic and deal with only the fundamentals of your business. For example, if you are into the BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) vertical, create short videos on the first steps towards saving money and creating a portfolio of investments.

  • Share Multiple Touch Points with Visitors

Sixth, even as visitors go through your trade show booth and engage with trade show booth staffers, some of them may want to know where and who do they meet beyond the scope of the trade show or the conference? How can they access you? Share the details of multiple touchpoints with visitors so that they know where to find your business when they need it. Doing so may also translate into one of the strengths of your business. For example, if you are into a business of consumer durables that need after-sales services, speak about the network of after-sales service centers that you have. If you are into offering industrial supplies to businesses, demonstrate the details of the number of warehouses that you have.

  • Share Customized Redeemable Vouchers that Can Be Reimbursed

Seventh, share customized and redeemable vouchers that visitors can reimburse. Create a grade point system to reward visitors for their actions. Reward visitors on the basis of the level of their engagements with your brands. In the context of B2B marketing, you could give away corporate vouchers that can be reimbursed by the customer when they place their orders. In the B2C context, you may think of rewarding individual visitors for making purchases, recommending your brand or making advance payment for their next purchase.

  • Demonstrate Empirical Evidence to Back Claims at the Conference

If your business has booked a slot in a roundtable or if you are participating in a discussion at the conference, make sure that you back claims that you make with empirical evidence. Share insights on the latest product trials that you have done. Share news on the latest patents that you may have acquired for developing a new product.

Entice delegates at the conference to visit your trade show booth with further knowledge resources to learn more about the solution that your business is providing.

  1. Live Interaction with Business Leaders

Ninth, leverage social media platforms to create a buzz about your presence at the trade show. For a refreshing start to the trade show, you can plan a live social media session at your trade show booth with vertical heads or business leaders stationed at different locations. Deploy large screens at your trade show booth to share live footage from different office locations of your business for relevant verticals, products or solutions. Empower visitors to ask questions to your business heads and allow them to engage with the people of your executive team to bring greater visibility to your trade show marketing efforts. This can work particularly well if you operate in the B2B segment. If you are into a consumer business model, you may replicate the same model of live interaction with business development executives of your brand.

  • Invite Visitors to Share Reasons Behind Choosing Your Brand on Camera

Tenth, get real and do away with celebrity ambassadors for your brand. Engage with visitors at your trade show booth and ask them what makes your brand appealing to them. Record footage as they share their answers. If you can, allow visitors to record responses in their respective native languages to add that element of diversity and to showcase the geographical outreach of your brand.

On a final note, remember that a trade show is a venue to showcase not just your offerings but the solutions that you offer. If your business is into offering beds to the oncology department of a hospital, look at it through the lens of the value that the beds deliver, not just the price of the beds. People across the world love to see their challenges getting resolved. The value of your business lies in your solutions. As long as your marketing communication at the trade show spells out the value proposition of your business, people will take interest in what you offer.

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