10 Powerful Tips to Write and Sell Your First eBook

By Mike Davidson

It is no longer impossible for self-published authors to develop a cult following for their eBooks since the Internet revolution has occurred. What is required is some marketing sense to come up with an attractive product that could pique people’s interest.

If you are contemplating about jumping into this field, now is the best time to oil your plans. Writing eBooks can drive up a good sum of income on your side. It is also one of the best ways to impose your authority, credibility, and influence.

If you take advantage of the e-reading revolution, you will enjoy an opportunity for better income stream while leveraging your time, energy, and knowledge.

Here are 10 powerful tips on how to write and sell your first eBook.

Set goals and stick to them. Before you sit down to start writing, you must clearly state what your objectives actually are. Why are you writing an eBook in the first place? When you are clear with what you want out of it, it is easier to devise a plan towards achieving your goals.

Organize your thoughts. Writing an eBook is not just about writing per se. You don’t just sit in front of your computer and tick away. Although that may work for some, you need to at least try to brainstorm about the topic you want to write about and organize your thoughts on how you will be able to communicate them effectively.

Write and stay focused. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned writer, an eBook may present a significant amount of challenge. When it’s time for you to write make sure that you’ll be able to keep your focus. If creating an outline works for you so you won’t get lost along the way, do so.

Edit, proofread, edit. Proofreading and editing your eBook may require as much time, energy, and patience as the actual writing. But you cannot simply skip this step because it’s an all-important step to ensure the clarity of your copy.

Design and publish. If you are not skilled on this part, you may source someone who can format your eBook so it becomes suitable for viewing across devices. This is also the part when graphics will be added to your text so it becomes more attractive and reader-friendly.

Launch with some noise. Once the eBook is finished and prepped, it’s ready to be launched. But don’t launch it just like that. Build anticipation for your eBook through teasers.

Give away free eBooks. To heighten your momentum, you may start by releasing your eBook into the market for free for a period of time. This is a great way to generate noise for your product. In this social media age, words spread like wildfire. If you can ignite some spark for releasing samples of your eBooks, one satisfied reader could easily influence a number to get interested.

Price properly. With so many things, information, and whatnots that could be accessed online for free, it would be difficult to defend your price. When you are putting a price tag on your eBook, keep in mind how this generation is price sensitive and what will it matter to them to see such number as payment for accessing your eBook. You may also adapt the trick of launching your eBook with a low initial price and once it starts to gain some steam, you can elevate it to compensate your hard work.

Partner with other writers and web developers to promote your eBook. Use all tools possible to promote your eBook, may it be in the form of links, book reviews, mentions, or shares.

Develop a marketing plan that will back up your eBook release. There are many ways you can market your eBook and some don’t require that you expend a lot. Take advantage of those resources to heighten up the noise for your eBook.


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