10 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Part-time Job

By Mauricio Prinzlau

Part-time jobs are monetary way-outs for new mothers on sabbaticals, retirees wishing to stay in touch with the professional world and students- looking for earning some quick bucks. If you are working full-time, then a part-time opportunity can make your monthly bill payment drudgery tad easier. Thanks to the internet, you will get plethora freelance assignments or commission- based projects.

But before you embark upon this journey, do remember that landing up at your dream part-time prospect is not always a smooth ride. The virtual world is full of fly-by-night companies that may promise you a consistent stream of work and regular payments, but at the end, your hard work will only go to the drain.

Before you take up just about any part-time job, go through the following points-

Check out the authenticity first

Here, we are considering that you are only looking for the online assignments. Based on your skill and interest- you can pick up from content writing to filling up forms. But do you know that 9 out of those 10 jobs are phony? Reject the company if-

  • It’s asking for registration fees or deposits first.
  • It has garnered negative reviews in its various social networking profiles. And
  • It is promising ‘too good to be true’ claims.

Payment comes next

If you need to complete a hefty milestone of deliverables before qualifying for a payout, don’t go for it. Many part-time jobs offer miniscule fees, even if you have to sweat over them literally. So be aware of your capability, check out the standard industry rates and never sell yourself short. Become very clear about how the company is going to pay- weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Will it directly deposit the amount into your bank account or do it via PayPal? These are crucial questions to raise, before signing on the (virtual) dotted lines.

Infuse discipline in your work

Part-time jobs can be demanding too. Remember that you shall not be available to the company at the drop of a hat, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with shoddily done works. Whether you have chosen mobile application development or online tutoring- you have to be on the top of your skill as well as time-bound too. So create a schedule, make your work-station as distractions-free as possible, and take the challenges head on.

Do a thorough survey of the market

What types of jobs are in-demand right now? Does your skill-set match up to them? These are some crucial queries any focused part-time job hunter will ask herself first. Suppose, you are good at proofreading and editing, but these days, most of the agencies get these two tasks done by the freelance writers themselves. Do some thorough research about whether your skills are valid in the industry anymore or not.

The term ‘part-time’ is multi-dimensional

It’s a universal rule that anybody working less than 35 hours/week for a company is called a part-time worker. In the USA, where the freelancing industry is well-developed, a part-time worker is open to receiving some company benefits. But you can’t expect the same facility where this concept is still in its nascent phase. Apart from checking out reviews and advice to know the legitimacy of job providers, do go through the terms and conditions any company has to offer.

Professional networking is vital

Like a full-fledged professional job, your part-time assignments too require networking a lot. Join LinkedIn and start connecting with present employers. If your city conducts workshops related to your skill- then attend a few. Join your peer in various social media forums too.

Create a beautiful portfolio

Irrespective of what you do, a solid portfolio is the first key to getting recruited by a quality employer. There are dozens of WordPress themes that are suitable for photographers, content writers, graphics designers and other experts respectively. Pick up one and draft it beautifully with- clips, files, photos and other samples of your work.

Be adept with competition

Competition is quite cut-throat in part-time job industry too. So in order to keep ahead, sharpen your skills. Get yourself enrolled in some online courses if you think that your expertise is not up-to-date or lacks polishing. Even your short-term project asks for the current knowledge too.

Write an interesting cover letter

A crisp, to-the-point cover letter and a well-drafted resume are first two prerequisites to get noticed by a recruiter or before you start bidding aggressively. If you are not confident about the technical side of writing cover letters, you may contact to a paid service.

Patience is the key

Before you start off, do know that building your reputation (and portfolio) takes time. If you are a rookie, then begin with pro bono works. This will add up to your repertoire and you can show it to prospective employers proudly. Give yourself minimum 3 months to get the hang of the trade.

The above 10 points can only give you a head-start. Finish the rest of the journey with meticulous planning and smart work.

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