2017: A New Year in Digital Trends

By Blogtrepreneur

Digital marketers and bloggers are looking for ways to make their organization shine in 2017. Here’s a look at some potential digital marketing trends in ’17, plus some existing ideas that should build as the years moves forward.

2016 Digital Marketing Trends Continue to Grow

2016 was a year of inspiring content. Many of these ideas will continue to grow and gain momentum throughout 2017. In an age where even the President tweets daily, digital content will continue to capture attention.

The continued rise of mobile.

The mobile revolution is nothing new, but you should expect to see the rise of innovative technology and apps for mobile phones. Basically, there’s no ceiling on this platform and marketers should look for continued growth in 2017 and beyond.

In-store marketing and digital marketing grow closer.

Experts say that the relationship between physical and online sales is expected to become even closer this year. For example, 80% of millennials use their smartphone in-store, and attracting those customers with digital techniques will become even more important.

Beyond that, stores that don’t support digital shoppers will continue to lose ground as evidenced by retailers like JC Penney, Sears, and more.

Branding gets a conscience.

In 2017, brands will become increasingly in synch with the needs and priorities of the consumer and will shape their products accordingly. Modern consumers want their brand choices to mean something, whether this includes the use of fair trade suppliers, eco-friendly products, support of charities, or political statements.

Consumers want instant satisfaction.

Generation Z consumers love Snapchat, Instagram, and digital downloads. New platforms will rise to prominence producing instant digital gratification, from navigation to communication to entertainment.

Niche content curation.

Let’s face it, the average consumer has more information than he or she could possibly process. That’s why niche experts will become increasingly important as consumers look for ways to filter and customize their media feeds.

Live video gets even bigger.

Consumers have an increasing desire to connect with brands and follow their stories. Online video accounts for nearly half of all mobile traffic and there was a notable rise in video sharing and content creation, especially via social media in 2016. Periscope and Facebook Live are platforms that make it easy for brands and businesses to connect with their followers in real time.

Interactive content grows.

Digital marketers have a lot of success when their audience not only consumes content but also enjoys and acts on it in an interactive way. And interactive content engages in a variety of ways, from answering questions to exploring scenarios.

2017: A New Year in Digital Marketing

As well as expanding upon existing ideas, 2017 provides a fresh start for some new paradigms.

Focusing on blog storytelling.

What keeps people coming back for more on your blog is excellent content. Quality blog posts lead to increasing engagement and emphasize quality over quantity. Develop content that your audience cares about, finds value in, and shares to help improve you blogger engagement.

The minimalistic approach works.

People don’t want full-width headers, secondary menus, and sidebars that take away from the visitor experience. Targeted ad use and well-designed content have proven just as effective at driving revenue. Minimalism has also taken hold in emails.

Beware of consumer resentment.

We’ve all been accosted by a pushy salesperson. Well, today’s consumers don’t want to have the same experience on social media with banner ads, pop-ups, and brand messages. Consumers are increasingly walking away from social platforms that overwhelm with push notifications and too many emails.

Expiring content.

Expiring content is content that a platform places a deadline on for reading and viewing before it expires. Snapchat is a pioneer of the expiring content movement and has created a sense of urgency wth 10-second videos that disappear after one view.

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