25 Must-Follow Fashion Bloggers From Around The World

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Looking for information on how to start a fashion blog? Fashion blogging is big business nowadays and what better way to learn how to blog than following the best fashion bloggers online right now?

Below is our list (in no particular order) of the top fashion blogs to follow right now. It’s a mix of established bloggers along with a sprinkling of “up and comers”.

Take a look and be sure to follow your favourite new fashion bloggers!

25 Must-Follow Fashion Bloggers From Around The World

1. The Blonde Salad – Chirara Ferragni


This Italian born fashion star, who now lives in Los Angeles, is at the top of her game with a huge reach. With over 3 million followers on twitter. Popular in the US and abroad. Chiara collaborates today with the major fashion houses and is the create director of her own shoe line. She also just was put on the cover of Lucky magazine. Check her out and read this post and this post.


2. Song of Style – Aimee Song


Aimee is a LA based interior designer and fashion blogger. You’ll find her high quality street style shots are full of great inspiration. Also working hard to build her YouTube audience which is at over 36k. Check her out here and here.

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3. Kayture – Kristina Bazan


Kristina is a model and blogger from Switzerland. Starting her site in 2011 she has already reaches a large international audience. She is an influencer, model, stylist, creative director, and now even sings. She’s worked with many high end brands and has been featured on major magazines. Check out her work here and here.

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4. Sincerely Jules – Julie Sarinana


Julie founded her site in 2009 as a expressive creative outlet. Also another blogger from LA with an easy going street style. She has contributed and been featured on many fashion blogs and magazines. Now even has her own t-shirt line. Check her out here and here.

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5. Fashion Toast – Rumi Neely


Launching her site earlier than most, 2007, Rumi is influencing the masses with her photo-heavy posts of great models and even better clothing. She’s collaborated with many brands in the past and continues to gain followers. Rumi even launched her own line. Check out her post here and here.

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6. Gary Pepper – Nicole Warne


This Sydney based blogger was one of the other three to be featured on Lucky’s magazine cover. Nicole is a successful entrepreneur highly regarded in the fields of fashion, digital and social media, and e-commerce. Her blog is a mix of high quality shots of high fashion and street style. Check out her posts here and here.

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7. Gal Meets Glam – Julia Engel


Julia started her blog in 2011 and has quite the following. She is based out of San Francisco. Julia has a pretty style and easy to read blog full of high quality photos of great looks. Check out her posts here and here.

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8. NicoletteMason.com – Nicolette Mason


Nicolette is a in demand blogger who also writes a monthly column for Marie Claire. Originally from LA she now works and lives in NYC. She designed her own line in collaboration with ModCloth. Mason has worked on many projects with the world’s top fashion and lifestyle companies. She has also been featured on many TV shows as well. Check out her work here and here.

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9. The Fashion Eaters – Tine Andrea


A new comer who is a fashion writer and stylist. Tine has a great sense of street style and you will see it in her photo heavy posts that will leave you with a smile. Check her out here and here.


10. The you way – Anine Bing


Anine’s world is a blog site where you’ll see a little bit of everything about Anine. Shes gaining popularity quick and started her own fashion line, Anine Bing. You’ll be sure to get inspired easily by her everyday looks. Take a look at her posts here and here.


11. Peace Love Shea – Shea Marie


This California beauty is a stylist, creative consultant, TV host, and designer. Her So-Cal fashion sense mixed with high fashion adds to her appeal. Shea has done many collaborations with many brands such as Gucci and H&M. You can follow her adventures as the multitudes of others do gaining her 3 million views a day. Check her out here and here.

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12. The Wall – Elin Kling


Now a full time designer of her own line, Toteme, Kling aims to give the stylish women a daily dose of high fashion inspiration. Check out her work here and here.

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13. Wendy’s Lookbook – Wendy Nguyen


L.A.-based blogger Nguyen is lighting up Youtube with over 625,000 subscribers and approaching 800,000 Instagram followers! Check her out here and here.

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14. The Chronicles of her – Carmen Hamilton


Carmen is another up and comer who started her blog in 2011. She an Australian based blogger with a lot of street style inspiration. Check her out here and here.


15. Happily Grey – Mary Seng


Mary started her blog as do most, a hobby, but she’s quickly gaining recognition and followers. Seng’s style is unplanned but creative and you’ll be inspired by many of the looks she puts together. Check out her here and here.

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16. by Anna – Anna


This 19 year old German blogger is a new comer but has plenty of street style fashion sense. Her site easy to navigate and find links to the looks she puts together. Check her out here and here.


17. From Hats to Heels – Larissa Bruin


Larissa is a young blogger out of Amsterdam. Bruins confident style is helping propel her in the fashion industry. Gaining collaborations and interviews. Check here out here and here.

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18. Zanita – Zanita Whittlington


Zanita is a blogger, model, and also a photographer. Since starting her blog in 2006 she’s updated the site and likes to push the boundaries of what her personal style blog can be. She’s sat at many fashion shows and contributed to Vogue and H&M. You’ll find plenty of inspiration with her looks and leave with some excitement about fashion. Check her out here and here.

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19. We wore what – Danielle Bernstein


Started as a small project while at school to express and capture the style of every corner of NYC, Danielle has turned her street style blog into a now personal style blog. Every day you’ll get an inspirational look into her daily style. Check her out here and here.

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20. Te Cuento Mis Truncos – Lola


Born and raised in the south of Spain this blogger started publishing regularly in 2011. Tons of street style and causal inspiration. Check her out here and here.

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21. Fire on the Head – Rima Vaidila


Rima is a young blogger from LA who got her start early on in the fashion industry. She has worked for many clients such as PacSun and Seventeen Magazine. She has a cool street style that consists of many neutral looks. Check her out here and here.


22. The Mysterious Girl – Larisa Costea


Another new comer, Larisa started her blog in 2013, gathering a lot of followers very quickly. Shes a journalist who has also designed her own clothing line, Hush Hush. You can find daily doses of fashion on her blog as well as videos of her collaborations. Check her out here and here.


23. Mind body Swag – Lisa diCicco Cahue


Lisa started this as a personal style and lifestyle blog as she shares her life’s journeys. She currently lives in NYC and attended the Fashion institute of Technology for Fashion Merchandising. Her love for fashion led her to want to be in front of the camera as well as write about it. She also does modeling and acting. Check her out here and here.

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24. Sea of Shoes – Jane Aldridge


Jane started this blog and 8 years later is still at it. Based out of Texas she was only 15 when she began blogging. Check her out here and here.

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25. Ania B – Ania Boniecka


Ania started blogging 2010 and wanted to inspire others while she attended school. She’s kept it going after school has ended for her. Ania has been modeling since 14 and been immersed in the fashion world for many years. She now focuses on her photography, blogging, and modelling. Check her out here and here.

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Wrapping Up

We hope to have uncovered a handful of new and amazing fashion bloggers that you can follow. Be sure to click through to a few of the interesting bloggers above and follow them on social media to keep up to date with their latest fashion advice!

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