3 Business Consultants Making It Big Teaching Entrepreneurs How to Succeed

By sheila.opulencia

Starting out in business is tough. If you’ve never been in business before and haven’t run a company as the CEO, then you’re stepping into unfamiliar territory. Rather than hiring a life coach, entrepreneurs are turning to business consultants who have experience starting successful companies or who are at least proficient at marketing to help make one successful.

Here, we look at several consultants who are teaching other small businesses how to succeed in the big, bad world of global business.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin is a business consultant who travels the world, living in fancy hotels and sharing his tips for business success on his weekly Daily Business Hustle podcast. Before striking out on his own as a globe-trotting business trainer, he worked as the Marketing Director at Real Social Dynamics (RSD). RSD provides seminar training and online video courses for men who feel they need to learn to better relate to women to get dates.

Alek finds there’s often common issues which arise between different entrepreneurs, regardless of the niche or industry they venture into. This is where his experience comes in, helping over 400 students through his mastermind program. While his free advice on his podcast and YouTube channel offers good information for first-time entrepreneurs, people who are going into business successfully for the 2nd or 3rd time may find his information too basic.

Sam Ovens

Sam Ovens was once an intern at Vodaphone before realising that he wouldn’t ever be financially independent working for other people. He set his academic studies and job aside to pursue his recruitment for applicants’ website in his native New Zealand. In short order, he learned the hard way that business isn’t as easy at looks. Undeterred, he looked for the reason the business failed to avoid it the second time around. His realisation was that market demand for your product or service is key. The initial failure became his foundation for learning.

He later teamed up with a partner to launch SnapInspect providing property inspection software and operating a consulting arm. With both the software and the consulting doing well, he decided to sell the software business to his co-founder and start consulting on his own. What was obvious to Sam was that most small businesses are owned by baby boomers who have little knowledge or understanding of the internet. But how to reach them by casting a wider net?

The answer was teaching consultants and business owners via Skype. The next step was taking Ovens International to New York as its new base and offering online courses through his automated seminars. Whether consulting directly with business owners or teaching other business consultants how to better help small businesses, over 10,000 people have already been through the Sam Ovens training courses.

Adam Snyder

Adam Snyder is a young business owner who has focused on a wide range of online and offline ventures during his entrepreneurship. These include buying goods in small stores in America and reselling them on eBay and Amazon, getting his own products created for sale on Amazon FBA, creating niche websites for their advertising and affiliate income, Merch by Amazon t-shirt design and sales, Kindle e-book publishing, and more.

Snyder provides advice through his YouTube channel with a focus on various approaches to make passive income. He also has a monthly subscription membership group and offers private coaching to select clients. What’s notable here is the number of income streams he has successfully created in a few short years. He’s clearly able to teach others based on his wealth of practical experience from running his online businesses.

It’s important that one seeks professional advice from business experts. Consultants who have walked the walk, especially in similar areas of business that you’re interested in, have faced similar trials and likely will have worthwhile advice to share.

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