3 career change hacks for future entrepreneurs

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If you’ve got creative vision and an independent mind, the thought of working nine to five for someone else for the rest of your career might seem deeply unfulfilling.

But striking out on your own is a considerable risk when you have family responsibilities and bills to pay.

Finally making the move requires careful prior planning — so take a look at these three career change hacks for future entrepreneurs.

Career break

If you can fund a mid-career break and still take care of your financial responsibilities, it might provide you with a whole new perspective on life.

A few forward-thinking employers have no problem with workers taking planned, extended breaks and then returning to their roles.

But other employees use the time to switch tracks completely.

You might spend part of your time travelling — experiencing different cultures can give you a new perspective on life and business plans and the chance to build up a global network of contacts.

And you can also set aside time for working or volunteering for a firm in the same sector where you want to make your entrepreneurial mark — even if the role is an entry-level position you’ll gain very valuable insights.

Distance learning

Upskilling through education is a natural desire for many people who aspire to change career.

But taking at least a year out to study for a full-time higher education course isn’t practical for those who have to keep working in their current job and care for their families.

An online degree could provide a flexible solution that satisfies these competing demands.

You might spend a year completing an MBA to sharpen up your business and leadership skills — or start a degree in an entirely new subject.

You’ll meet fellow entrepreneurs with similar passions and your classmates and university might provide practical advice on avoiding pitfalls as you start your own business.

So launching your business right after graduation and stepping into a new phase of your life is achievable.

Using your hobby

If you’re a dab hand at painting charming pictures or a gifted musician whose career has been on pause, there’s a decent chance you can turn your hobby into a business.

But making enough cash to sustain yourself full-time might mean diversifying your creative work so that it appeals to a more commercial audience and learning about tax regulations for the self-employed so that you operate above board at all times.

Entrepreneurs who’ve successfully converted a pastime to paid work also advise that a lack of self-belief can prevent talented peers from achieving success — so being confident and thick-skinned are powerful tools to have at your disposal.

These three career change hacks for future entrepreneurs should help you to start making plans to live the life you’ve dreamed of for years.

Have you changed careers recently? Share your advice in the comments section.

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