3 Proven Marketing Strategies for Niche Businesses

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To compete in the Niche industry like HVAC (or any industry, for that matter), you have to effectively market your business.

Digital marketing can get confusing, especially since it seems like there’s a new and improved strategy coming out every day. Not only that, but you’re likely more focused on other areas of your business, such as managing your employees and building a high-quality product or service.

But no matter how advanced technology gets Example – people will still need air conditioning and heating. To reach these customers, here are three proven HVAC marketing strategies.

Incorporate white hat SEO

What is white hat SEO (search engine optimization), and what makes it better than all of the other digital marketing strategies? White hat SEO is defined as any SEO tactics which focus on optimizing your website for your audience, rather than optimizing it for search engine algorithms like Google’s. However, it still follows search engine guidelines.

For example, your website could have a blog about general troubleshooting for AC units and heaters, which links to credible sources in articles in a natural and organic way, as opposed to linking to websites for the sake of linking to them to try to boost search rankings.

Another example, which falls under white hat link building, is to guest post on other company’s sites and link to your site or blog (this is known as backlinking). Doing this naturally and not in a spammy way will help you appear earlier in search engine results, as well as build relationships with the site owners.

This strategy is a great way to secure an HVAC lead. After all, you’re not only increasing your search ranking through link building, which can lead to you landing higher on search results and therefore makes it easier for customers to find you when looking for HVAC services, but it also allows you to tap into the followers of the websites you guest post on. These followers, of course, could turn into leads.

Optimize your website for all devices

If your website is clunky, then you’ll lose customers. You should optimize your website for all devices and make it user-friendly.

Thanks to the internet, competition is now more fierce than ever. Even if you provide the best services and prices, consumers will leave your website if it’s slow or hard to navigate. That’s because they can find other companies that offer similar services with more user-friendly sites.

As a friendly reminder, a quality mobile site is also essential. Last year alone, 52 percent of website traffic came through mobile phones, compared to 50 percent the year before. You can’t count your customers out just because you only go on the internet on your computer. To tap into your target audience and expand it, you have to optimize your site for all devices.

Email and messenger marketing

Email and messenger marketing are two of the most common marketing strategies, no matter what industry you’re talking about. While email marketing allows you to reach a lot of customers at once, messenger marketing tends to be more personal and encourages one-on-one conversations with your customers.

Whether you’re running a Facebook giveaway campaign in which you give away a product or service for free (collecting user data in the process to build your email lists), or emailing your customers promo codes, you can turn your leads into customers with these techniques.

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