3 Secrets To Becoming A Professional Travel Blogger

By Blogtrepreneur

While airline companies are occupied checking their aircraft parts and supplies to prepare for the peak season, travelers are busy checking flight schedules and other travel deals. These are just normal routines in the travel industry.

Are they significant for travel bloggers? Do you have to be a traveler in order to become a professional travel blogger? The answer to these questions is yes.

Although you can confine yourself researching on a topic you write about for your travel blogs, you can easily end up being a copycat. Success in blogging entails originality. If you want to create a travel blog, make sure you’re sharing your experience.

You need to reach a wide variety of people who share the same passion. The larger your audience the more successful you’ll become. Therefore, your objective is to gain traffic for your travel blog.

To gain this insight, here are three important blogging secrets to becoming a professional travel blogger.

Three Must Know Secrets About Travel Blogging

1. Know Your Audience

Just because you know you are in travel niche doesn’t necessarily mean you have a defined audience. Keep in mind that travel niche is broad, and it has many sub-niches you can choose from.

Most of your readers are more or less travelers, and not all travelers are interested in similar destinations. Some of them want to know about getting around in Europe while others are only interested in Asia.

You may be adventurous to travel across the whole world, but that would take more than a lifetime. Even Anthony Bourdain has not visited every place in the world yet. Focus on your interests, and you will attract readers with the same interests and passions.

2. Find Your Readers

You can’t just post a blog and wait for visitors to read it. If you do this, you’re like a person yelling in the desert, or you are like posting a billboard on a road that’s next to an abandoned town.

You have to find your audience and target them in the right way. This is possible with the help of social media marketing. If you have a Facebook or Google+ accounts, find a group or community of like-minded people.

If you’re into travel, join some travel groups, and in this way, you can directly meet people who may be interested to read your blog. This is where you can share your blog posts.

Of course, being social means being reciprocal, and you need to spend time interacting by following others and commenting on their posts. In this way, you can make them remember you, and even promote or share your content.

3. Write Interesting Content

Don’t write for the sake of writing. When you write, think of your readers. Ask yourself the following questions:

? What can I learn from this post?

? Is it interesting?

? What’s new about this?

? Can the information help me?

? Is this true?

Keep the above questions in mind while you are writing your blog. Talk to your readers as if you’re talking to your friends who might be interested in visiting the places you have just been to. Write with enthusiasm because your potential readers will recognize it and it will make your content more interesting.


As a travel blogger, your objective is to get more readers to read your blog. You should share your stories to readers who want to get some inspiration for their own travels. All you have to do is to inspire them, and if you are able to do this, monetizing your blog will not be a problem.

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