3 Wonderful Travel Destinations in the U.S.

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We all need time for a great vacation getaway. Our busy schedules, horrible commutes and long to-do lists wear us down over time and, sometimes, we need to step away from things and recharge. This applies to everyone at all stages in life. Students need time away from applying for the best student loans and finding suitable accommodation on campus for upcoming semesters. Busy working moms and dads need to take a step back from the stresses that come with running a household, keeping to a tight schedule of after school activities and holding down jobs. Couples need to make time for one another and rekindle those feelings of romance that have been lost with the pressures of everyday life.

Vacations let us explore a different world and spend time in the beauty of nature. Stressful lists of daily to-do’s yield to moments of stillness and quiet where your mind can finally relax and shed the heavy burdens that you’re carrying. The following are three wonderful destinations in the U.S.

Exploring the Natural Wonder of the California Coast

With a shoreline that goes for 655 miles and a highway that offers mystical views along the ocean’s edge, a journey along the idyllic California coast offers something for everyone. There are small towns that are a delight to explore, miles of stunning views where cliffs meet the vast Pacific and towering redwoods that will fill you with awe. The seaside village of Mendocino is a romantic and visual delight, with quirky shops, cafes and galleries. The sunsets are magnificent to behold and are best viewed from the edge of the town along the ocean cliffs. Gualala is an oceanfront wonder, a place where time seems to stand still. The Point Reyes National Seashore offers both crashing ocean waves and the stillness and beautiful white cliffs of Drake’s Bay.

Tropical Beauty of Maui, Hawaii

When you step off the plane in Maui, you will be greeted with a beautiful Hawaiian lei. Amazing green mountains rise from the depths of the sea and picture postcard beaches are everywhere. Sunrise at the Haleakala volcano is truly one of the wonders of the world. In total darkness the sun begins to emerge and lights the crater’s edge with gilded, liquid gold magnificence. The ocean activities are endless in Maui and you can surf, kayak, snorkel or scuba dive while you are there. Not interested in water sports? Grab yourself a cocktail from the bar, open your favorite book and enjoy being in that moment of total relaxation.

A Journey Through the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a wonderland that everyone should explore. Along the northern Oregon coast, you will find the beautiful village of Cannon Beach, with its haystack rocks that emerge from the edge of the ocean like sentinels along the shore. Portland is a uniquely quirky city with amazing coffee shops, a great vibe, a delicious food scene and a bookstore that famously takes up a whole city block.

As you journey northwards to visit Washington, you’ll come upon the emerald city of Seattle nestled along the waterways and Puget Sound. A car ferry ride from Seattle to the neighboring islands is not to be missed. The views are stunning when you stand on the bow of the ferry and gaze at endless panoramas ahead. Whidbey Island has quaint places including the artist’s village of Langley, where you can ring the town bell when you see whales off shore. At the top of the Olympic Peninsula you will find Port Townsend, with its beautiful Victorian buildings and the best pizza you’ll find anywhere so arrive hungry.

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