4 Awesome E-Commerce Sites

By Hayden Miyamoto


Online shops are a dime a dozen — so ubiquitous have they become. The stiff competition means that only the cream rises to the top. There’s not a lot of room for mediocrity these days, as there’s no excuse for it.

It’s not even that the giant brands and with their giant brick and mortar chains such as Apple, Nike, Macy’s, with their equally gigantic budgets have completely taken over. There are still a lot of opportunities for startups and small-scale businesses to make it big online. Amazon, Etsy and eBay have provided platforms that have made it easy for any business owner to piggyback on the staggering market reach of these sites. But one doesn’t have to be all that big in order to be successful online. One just to have high quality products and a certain focus, a unique spin that appeals to a particular market segment — this is the one thing that even the multinational brands and giant chains, with their way-too-many cooks wanting too many things and increasing the probability of spoiling that e-commerce broth. So in this sense, being a small business could work to your advantage, as long as you yourself have this single-minded focus and an ability to edit and hone your ideas into finely-targeted executions. That focus, that USP, will even help guide you through the many aspects of putting up your e-commerce site — facilitating easy navigation, making the interface attractive, and bringing together all the other factors that make for a pleasant overall user experience.

To illustrate, check out these online stores.

1. MakerSpaceCanada.ca

It’s basically a toy shop for people who like building and creating things, kids and adults alike. They sell robot kits, drone kits, 3D pens and other things that turn engineers and designers on.

It may be a brainiac’s realm, but the interface is idiot-proofed anyway. The site design and the purchase process are simple and streamlined, it’s insanely easy to find what you’re looking for and buy it. In and out, no problem.

2. Skinny TeaTox

It’s bright and colorful while remaining neat and tidy. It’s all about tea, not coffee and tea and chocolate and juice — just tea. It’s not about indulgence or pleasure (although they don’t necessarily take that off the table) but about detoxing and losing weight. If that ain’t focus, then we don’t know what is.

3. Leatherhead

The site sports a retro, nostalgic vibe which works as a backdrop for selling beautiful leather baseballs, mitts, basketballs, and footballs. One can almost smell the leather.

The product photography and the simple, stark white background shows the high quality of the wares and shows the texture of the leather as well as the stitching.

4. Tastebook

Everyone’s online these days, no matter what their interests and hobbies are. Even those whose interests are in the analog world go online to shop for their paraphernalia or virtually roost with birds of the same feather.

Tastebook is a blog, a community, and an online bookshop that is geared towards those who are passionate about cooking. Its focus lies on serving the needs of all those gastronomes, epicures, and chef wannabes. A cook doesn’t have to be famous win this season’s Masterchef in order to have his or her very own cookbook — that’s achievable with a few mouse clicks.

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