4 Quick Ways to Get More Eyes on Your Business

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Getting more people to know about your local business is one of the most challenging things you’ll face when running a family-sized company. You may have a website, but when was the last time you updated it? Have you checked your branding recently and updated your office banners? Here are a few ideas to help get more eyes on your business.

Get your business on Google.

Did you know that Google has a service made specifically for local businesses? If you haven’t already searched for ‘Google My Business,’ set up a profile for your company. This is what Google uses when people search for your company, so it’s a huge benefit to have this completed and up to date. There are options to add custom opening hours over the holiday season, so you don’t have people arriving when you aren’t there, and you can amass reviews to increase the chance of you appearing when people search for the service you offer.

Optimize your page.

Did you know that there’s both an art and science to increase the chance of appearing on the Google search results when someone looks for your service? Start investigating local SEO, and you’ll find loads of great ideas to help your website show more often in Google. This guide by SEMRush is a great place to get started, and you’ll find loads of information on how to increase the rank of your website. The two main elements are a combination of content that contains the keywords that your customers will be searching for that’s also informative and provides value. A few paragraphs on your website will always be more useful and more likely to rank than a short sentence. This is combined with links from other websites like directories and the local press to increase how much authority the website has in Google’s eyes.

Create or refresh your event banners.

If you regularly exhibit at events as a way to generate additional business, then having attractive-looking marketing assets like brochures and an eye-catching pop-up banner will help you stick out of the crowd. If you don’t have these already, use a website like Printmoz to print your banners on a high-quality material that will give you a professional and polished look. For business people, getting customers to your stand will help you start a conversation that will lead to a sale. A banner is an ideal way to do this.

Get social.

Meeting people face-to-face at an event is definitely one of the best ways to get new leads and show people why you’re worth working with, but the next best thing is social media. Pick a platform that’s appropriate for you, be it LinkedIn or Instagram, and then start posting informative and interesting content. This will show how you provide value and is a great way to keep at the front of people’s minds when they are ready to use your services.

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