4 Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation for Your Business

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A whiteboard animation is an engaging animation style that boosts user engagement on a website. These animations start off with a pen drawing interesting images on a white canvas with audio playing in the background.

It can be an explanatory whiteboard animation talking about a service or a product. It can also be complex information explained in a simple way via images, drawings and animation or it can be a comic way of expressing views about an event.

These animations have the same impact as the stories that are associated with drawings and images we see in a novel. However, they can also be used to improve your business as well, here’s how.

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Here are 4 reasons to use whiteboard animation for your business:

  1. Facts, Figures And Fun

It can be daunting to convey a message through a normal video when the information you want to convey is complex. For example, if you want to explain something that can only be explained with the help of facts, figures and information then doing so with conventional videos ask for a lot of work.

On the other hand, a whiteboard animation is surprisingly fit for the job. You can include graphs, charts, and figures to make the message clear.

  1. More Conversions When Used On The Homepage

A website’s homepage is usually the first page that a user visits. Including a simple and engaging whiteboard animation video on it can be the difference maker when it comes to converting users into customers.

You don’t get much time to impress a customer who’s visiting your website which is why these animations are your best bet. They are small, quick and fun to watch.

If you succeed at explaining your business’s capabilities and services on point then you can convert users quickly and extensively.

Also, animations or videos that contain stats and facts are said to attract more eyes than simple text with little to no information.

  1. They Are Affordable

Unlike other options, whiteboard animation videos are cheap to get. They are charged on a per minute basis and the return on investment is quite commendable.

You should just look for a provider like Spiel so that you can get the benefit that you expect.

Businesses that are on a tight budget and who are looking for ways to market their products or services in a unique and engaging way can turn to this feature.

  1. Conveys A Clear Message

Making videos and including them on a website sure is beneficial but the amount of work that needs to be done is overwhelming. Readying scripts, managing actors, editing content can sometimes get out of hand and often cloud the real message behind a video.

With whiteboard animation video, a clear message regarding your product, service or promotion is conveyed because it contains simple drawings with narration and there is no need for actors etc., which reduces the risk as well.

All in all, whiteboard animations when used on a website, especially the homepage, can do wonders and enhance business exposure.

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