4 Skills Every Project Manager Needs

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Being a project matter is tough, yet rewarding work. Those who work in the field of project management will report that they have the opportunity to work with a swath of different projects, people, and places. Every occupation demands a certain set of unique skills that will optimize job performance and put you a step ahead of the competition, and if you are pondering whether or not you want to become a project manager, the expectations are no different. “Soft skills,” as they are called, are personality and character traits that make people perform better in certain situations more than others. Some people are dynamic and friendly in large groups, while others do their best when they are alone and work independently. Everyone has a set of soft skills unique to their personality. Wondering, then, if you have what it takes? Here is a list of the skills you need to be an effective project manager.

Effective Leadership

What is effective leadership? To explain what effective leadership is, we must first define what it is not. Effective leadership is not dictatorial; it is not unrealistic in its demands, it is not closed to the suggestions of others, and it does not use excessive discipline as punishment. Often, this leadership style will breed resentment in your workers and they may walk out, much to your dismay. Instead, an effective style is to appreciate your workers as part of a team. They may be your inferiors, but you rely on them to carry out the plans to completion. It is important to recognize that your workers will possess talents you don’t have, and that their suggestions may make the team stronger. An effective leader will not let their ego get in the way, instead they will steer the team in the right direction, recognizing that you are all parts of a whole. Already a project manager but you seek to sharpen your leadership skills? Take pmp courses to go from good to excellent leadership potential.


Communication is a skill you will have to use every day, from start to finish of a project. You will have to be present and communicate during: the hiring process, assembling the team, communicating instruction to your workers, boosting morale, and communicating to both your superiors and your inferiors. You will have to be able to speak to people according to their comprehension; simplifying concepts for those foreign to the jargon of your field, and those who need specific instruction that requires technical language. Do this, and your team will feel confident that they are being steered in the right direction and that they will complete their task effectively.

Good Listening Skills

On the flip-side of communication is listening skills. They are two parts of a whole—you cannot lead well unless you both communicate and listen. During the length of your project, you will have to navigate obstacles along the way. Members of your team will often communicate these issues to you directly, and you must hear them out as an active listener. Sometimes there will be technical issues, and other times there will be conflict issues among other teammates. To be an effective project manager, you will have to be able to relate to others be listening to what they have to say and picking out the key points of what they are saying. When it comes to interpersonal issues, it is useful to know a bit about human resources. These can be delicate matters, that if not handled well, can cost you your job.


This is a more specific term under critical thinking. A great leader can see the iceberg ahead and steer the team away from it. Not all obstacles are easily seen, but the difference between a good project manager and a great one will rely on the foresight capabilities of the manager. If you can see the iceberg ahead enough, you can overcome it without the team even knowing it existed. You will save your team extra trouble and save at least thousands of dollars in the process. You will constantly have to analyze the project day by day to understand whether you are on the right course. It will be necessary to look over the past records of the project, where the project is currently, and where it is going. This will involve you to analyze information and strategize for the path ahead.

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