4 ways to market your local business in the coming year

By Blogtrepreneur

Starting and sustaining a small business requires desire and determination.

You’re often competing against larger firms with far more resources at their fingertips — so it’s tough to convince customers that your offering’s superior.

But there are a few clever ways you can survive and thrive — take a look at these four tips to market your local business in the coming year.


Video content helps small businesses grow — and you don’t need a huge budget to harness its potential.

Interactive webinars give you an air of authority in your industry and they garner a conversion rate of 46 per cent.

But video testimonials from a few satisfied customers might be even more valuable — and they’re very sharable on social media.

And brief explainer videos can also be an excellent way of introducing your company, ethos and offering.

So getting to grips with video content can really help your business make a fast and lasting impact.


We check our phones incessantly throughout the day — so any small business not implementing mobile web marketing is missing out.

As phones become our favourite platform for watching videos on the move, short and punchy video ads will work well for many companies.

But mobile search marketing is crucial too — for instance, if you’re the best firm selling outdoor mats in your town or city, make sure that your online content contains the relevant keywords for the ‘near me’ searches that convert to sales.

You could even develop a simple game or competition to market your products and services on mobile — you’ll spark lots of interest and engagement from potential customers.


Your budget might not stretch to Kim Kardashian or the latest reality TV star — but micro-influencers with a modest but loyal social media following can bring your brand in close contact with new customers in an instant.

And if you’re promoting niche products and services, piggybacking on an influencer’s success can save a lot of time and energy trying to connect with new customers completely from scratch.

So find an influencer who’s a good fit for your firm and send them a request message — it could be the start of a lucrative relationship.

Social purpose

If you can do some good in your neighbourhood it’ll create a positive first impression and encourage customer loyalty.

Many consumers prefer to spend their cash with a company that promotes its social purpose as much as its products.

So if you can champion diversity, social inclusion or environmental-friendliness it can definitely differentiate you from the competition.

Research any appropriate projects or charities in your operational area and reach out to suggest a partnership — it’s a win-win arrangement for both parties.

It’s possible to operate both ethically and profitably — and it’s an important influence on customer choice.

Market your small business in these four ways and business might be booming next year.

How do you market your small business? Share your advice in the comments section.

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