4 ways vehicle tracking can improve your customer service

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Fleet tracking is so much more than a driver management tool, it is a smart data collection method that can be used to resolve a number of fleet management related issues. Not only can the analysis and implementation of this data reduce fuel consumption; improve driver efficiency and benefit general road safety, vehicle tracking can also have a positive impact on customer service, satisfaction, and retention.

Prior to GPS tracking systems it was difficult to monitor driver locations. An inability to track deliveries, field engineers etc. meant that customers were often left unsatisfied with the services they received.This would often result in a loss of repeat business and instil a feeling of negativity towards the brand. However, tracking systems today allow fleet managers to coordinate their drivers in-line with customer requirements, meaning that they are well-informed about the progression of their delivery or service.

Provide Accurate Arrival Times

Extensive delivery times can be extremely frustrating for customers, as they are often left waiting for their parcel or service to arrive, with little to no knowledge of an ETA. This is neither a productive, nor efficient method of fleet management. However, modern fleet tracking solutions are able to provide real time data that can be used to give customers a realistic arrival time, enabling customer service teams to deal with enquiries more proactively. Being able to provide accurate arrival times will highlight your business as being dependable, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Set Customer Expectations

An essential part of achieving complete customer satisfaction is to manage their expectations. In the event of any delays caused by heavy traffic, real time locations can be used in line with live traffic updates to keep customers up-to-date with any changes. This level of transparency will limit complaints and instil trust in your company.

Maximize Data to Improve Service and Management

Reducing delivery times is a win-win situation, it will improve business operations and productivity, which simultaneously leads to more satisfied customers. Implementing GPS vehicle tracking allows fleet managers to monitor traffic patterns and the duration of a journey. This data can be used to generate the most efficient routes and avoid obstructions. In service industries, the real-time data can also be used to determine which worker is closest to a specific job and the amount of time spent on site. These insights can be maximized to prioritize company time and to provide your customers with a more efficient service.

Improve the Reputation of Your Business

As well as improving the quality of customer service, fleet tracking can protect your brand’s identity. Customer satisfaction is a key contributor to positioning your company as a reputable brand in your industry, but there are other factors at play. When driving branded vans, your employees are representing your business and so harmful or careless driving could tarnish the company’s reputation.

Certain tracking systems can also be used to recognise risky driving behaviours such as harsh braking and speeding. Fleet managers can use this data to highlight any concerns or additional training needs. Smart systems, like Masternaut’s in-cab coaching device, can also provide drivers with real time feedback, alerting them of poor driving behaviours as they occur. This enables drivers to train themselves, rather than retrospectively with a supervisor or manager. Monitoring driving behaviour will help to ensure that your drivers are positively representing the company, whilst on the road.

It’s well known that fleet tracking can save your business money but telematics can also be used to generate more repeat business, improve brand reputation and increase customer retention, too.

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