40 Website Traffic Building Tips – Infographic

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People have an interesting relationship with the word traffic. In general, the word traffic is hated by most, as it reminds them of delays in the road. Website owners and bloggers on the other hand love this word. They are happy when they get more visitors or more traffic to their site as more web traffic means more income potential.

Here is a list of 40 traffic building tips and tricks from the best traffic builders online – Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Corbett Bar and Ana Hoffman.

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Tips from Rand Fishkin

  • Target Audience who may Share your Content – If you viewers like images then incorporate good quality images in your post. If they like videos then you know what to do.
  • Communicate with your Audience via Social Media, Forums and Blogs – When you communicate you get engagement and ideas for your next post.
  • Analyse your Traffic Sources – Find out the top 5 traffic sources from Google Analytics and focus on improving your presence there. For example, I found out StumbleUpon is a major traffic source for me, to my surprise and I have incorporated a StumbleUpon social share button on all my posts.

Tips from Neil Patel

  • Quantity of Content Matters – The more content you have the more marketing, more keywords and more traffic you can get.
  • Increase Traffic with Infographics – Infographics are a proven traffic generator and back link builder. People like visual content and are shared more often in social media than simple text content.
  • Headline should be written for People and Search Engines – You can have an awesome, keyword rich headline but people may not click on it. Similarly, an attention grabbing headline may not have any keywords and may not bring any search engine traffic. So try to incorporate both.

Tips from Corbett Bar

  • Create Different Formats of Your Content Like Presentation Slides – Websites like slideshare.net can bring in additional traffic, so why not repurpose your content and make it into a slide pack?
  • Conduct an Interview with Someone Exciting – It is not always possible to get an interview with a pro but you can get a ‘yes’ from someone upcoming. If the quality of the interview is good, then you will most likely get a link, some visibility and marketing from the participant.
  • Borrow Something That Works – You don’t have to always be creating something unique; you could borrow something that is popular like an Infographic and market it. If your marketing is top notch then you may even get more shares that the original creator.

Tips from Ana Hoffman

  • Use Sport Related Reference in Your Articles – Use something that people can refer to and connect with such as sports. This can help with viewer engagement if done correctly.
  • Target Un-monetized, high Volume Searches – If you are looking for more traffic then why not target high volume searches that may not have a great monetary value?
  • Try Reader Guest Post on Your Blog – This is an abomination of guest blogging and reader engagement. Review draft posts from readers and pick one you like. You can even run a competition to pick a winner.


I hope you are inspired and ready to get some traffic, the kind that you like. Make a habit of doing certain things like using StumbleUpon or creating slides and add it to your check-list. Take action and drive traffic to your site; it won’t come to you. Good luck.

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