5 Best Online Jobs for Stay At Home Moms

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When you’re a stay at home mom, the idea of re entering the working world may seem daunting, even when financial stresses or desires demand extra income.

Fortunately, with the advent of digital media and communication, working remotely has become much more commonplace. More and more moms are creating home businesses with an ever-growing pool of remote opportunities popping up on the Internet. But what are the best jobs for stay at home moms, when it comes to working remotely? This all depends on your skills, passions, and preferences.

What you consider to be the best stay at home jobs for moms will be unique to you — but there are plenty of opportunities. Some people worry that enticing online job opportunities are too good to be anything but a scam, but real jobs for stay at home moms exist and can play a pretty penny.

Below are a selection of jobs that cater to a variety of interests and levels of experience.

1. Online Tutor

This is a wonderful opportunity for people at various levels of education and expertise. If you have a passion for and experience in a certain field, becoming an Online Tutor can offer you the opportunity to parlay your insights into a career that will help others.

The requirements for Online Tutors varies depending on location, degree, and availability, but many opportunities don’t require more than a High School diploma. Some subjects may be in less demand than others, which could make obtaining positions a bit more lengthy or competitive. Feel free to peruse this list of subjects that tend to be in the highest demand and see which ones grab you before beginning the application process.

If you’re unsure of which subjects you would be best equipped to teach, take a gander at this concept list to assess which subject would be a good match for you.

2. Freelance Web Developer

Formerly known as oDesk, Upwork is basically an online smorgasbord of virtual opportunities that allow you to work from home. The network offers remote opportunities for a variety of different skill sets, experience, and level of expertise. From virtual assistants, to mobile developers, to design, to finance, and everything in between, it’s unlikely that you won’t find at least a couple positions that tickle your fancy when exploring this site.

With the company’s relatively recent restructuring, there has also been a new chat tool introduced called the Upwork Message Center. According to an article in Forbes detailing the company, the chat tool “…can be used by companies that want to chat with a freelancer who is available for immediate work or by clients who want to communicate with teams of freelancers.” Sometimes working remotely can yield a feeling of isolation, as you don’t have the colleagues and superiors to interact with on a daily basis like those who work in a typical office.

The communication tool not only helps you expedite your work effectively — it offers a more personal connection to clients and fellow freelancers.

3. Writing Jobs Online

The advent of digital media has opened up opportunities for those with a passion for writing that never existed before. Today, anyone can become a freelance writer regardless of location or degree. If you have a passion and skill for writing content, there are a plethora of websites that will pay you to live out your dream of writing. Two of the most popular include iWriter and Textbroker. Both offers fairly low rates depending on the quality level you obtain.

With iWriter, you need to earn your way to a certain writing level before garnering higher paying projects, and with Textbroker an initial application test will set your “star rating” to assess the level of projects you can take — the higher the star rating, the higher the pay. These and other web content sites offer writers virtual opportunities to write about a variety of different topics right from their own homes. One added benefit of both of these sites is the opportunity to glean higher paying and repeated work from clients who become impressed by your writing.

4. Online Transcription Jobs

What is a General Transcriber? A Transcription worker listens to audio files and transcribes the speech into writing. If you have a keen ear and good typing skills, this could be an ideal career for you. While some companies ask for transcribers to go on site, a vast amount of transcription work can be done entirely from home. Certain skills are required, such as ability to type a certain amount of words per minute and access to proper equipment for transcription.

In general, however, people can become a General Transcriber without a degree or expensive certifications — often these things are required for those transcribing within the medical field. Some opportunities available for transcription can be found at Abercap, e-typist, and SpeakWrite.

5. Document Translator

Document Translators are found throughout various fields of work. They can be found in medical offices,courtrooms, classrooms, and much more. With the rise of digital media and remote work becoming more commonplace, there are now several opportunities available for those looking to work online as a Document Translator.

What is a Document Translator?

To put it simply, Document Translators translate speech, documents, and other technologies into a preferred format. Do you speak more than one language? Being bilingual and the ability to translate speech, documents, and written words from one language to another is a prime skill to have. Document translators can work remotely by using various technologies to translate documents and speech for web content, medical files, and more.

If you do not speak more than one language, there are still opportunities for you. Appen has various positions for those who would like to help clients with translations using various technologies, whether is be automotive, web content, and more. Another wonderful component of this company is that it offers extremely flexible hours that range from part-time to full-time, depending on your needs.

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