5 Best Waist Trainer Reviews For 2016

By Jane Tomkins

Stylish, comfortable and easy to use, waist trainers or cinchers are becoming increasingly popular amongst the hundreds of women wanting that perfect hourglass shape. Most notably used by the Kardashian sisters to help them remove the post-natal bulge. But with the sheer variety of styles and sizes available, it can be difficult to know where to start and nobody wants to buy something that is not right for them.

The best waist trainers available are those that not only give you a much smaller waist but also appear invisible under clothes. A properly fitted waist trainer should comfortably enclose the area between the bottom of your bra to the widest point of your hips, although waist trainers can be purchased which wrap around the narrowest point of your waist. Want to learn how to use a waist cincher?

Waist trainers can also be used to give support to your abdomen and back whilst exercising, many even contain Neoprene which is a new type of fabric designed to promote and maintain muscle temperature for weight loss. The idea of incorporating Neoprene has been adapted for use in waist trainers from the results gained by using sauna belts whilst exercising.

That is why we have put together our very own Top 5 review for your viewing pleasure in order to help you find the best waist trainer for you, your goals and your lifestyle.



What I Like

Other Good Stuff



BaseBody Latex Waist Cincher

soft, spiral steel bones

Great Fit


Kiwi Rata Waist Trainer

plastic bones for optimum comfort

Compact and easy to use

Yianna Waist Training Corset

Available to fit waistlines from 22 inches to 44 inches

Yianna is a more stylish choice


Flychen Elastic Cincher

Flychen cincher can be fitted around any body size

This cincher is the smallest of the list


Ann Chery Vest Waist Trainer

reinforced back and wide shoulder straps

triple hook and eye closures


BaseBody Latex Waist Cincher

This waist trainer has reached the top of the list for the best waist trainers of 2016 for many reasons. The main reason being the sleek, appealing design despite the use of soft, spiral steel bones.

This waist trainer is also adjustable, working on a triple hook and eye closure along the front of the trainer, which allows you to tighten or loosen the cincher for the perfect fit. Available in four different colours, the cincher is made from soft cotton along the inside of the trainer with a latex outer layer which helps to smooth the overall appearance of the trainer.

This is a perfect waist trainer for people who are looking for something simple and comfortable yet elegantly shaped.

The BaseBody Cincher in UK sizes ranging from size 6 to size 16 but can be quite tight so it is advised to choose the size above when purchasing in order to ensure a comfortable fit. This does, unfortunately, mean that the BaseBody Cincher is unavailable to the larger woman.

However, if you can fit into a BaseBody Cincher, you will be amazed at how seamless it looks under your everyday garments and how comfortably it conforms to your body shape despite the spiral steel bones within.

All in all, the BaseBody is not only an attractive accessory but is also amazing value. Being made with high quality fabrics, you can be certain that the BaseBody Latex Waist Cincher will last you a lifetime without the fabric warping or the bones losing their ability to pull in your waistline.

Kiwi-Rata Waist Trainer and Sports Girdle

Next up on the list for the best waist trainer of 2016 in the Kiwi-Rata Waist Trainer and Sports Girdle. Available in 4 sizes, this waist trainer can fit anyone with a waistline between 24 inches to 41 inches and provide a perfect hourglass shape whilst offering support during exercise, its also great value.

This cincher has two velcro closures, on an inner and outer band, making it extremely easy to wear and the outer straps provide a fully adjustable fit. This is really adjustable so great for plus sizes.

The Kiwi-Rata waist trainer is made of Neoprene material and contains wide, plastic bones for optimum comfort whilst firmly holding that ideal shape. It also comes in 3 colours, making it a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Yianna Waist Training Corset

The Yianna Waist Training Corset?? ?made the Top 5 on variety of styles and sizes. Available to fit waistlines from 22 inches to 44 inches and in a range of colours and bone strengths, the Yianna is a more stylish choice. Available with a zip closure as well as hook and eye fittings, it is also easy to wear.

This cincher is also composed of 3 layers of high quality fabrics with an elasticated cotton inner layer, a natural latex mid-layer and a stretchable nylon mix on the outer layer making it a very comfortable option. The bones are made from high strength spiral steel, making the cincher flexible yet very durable for everyday use.

Flychen Elastic Cincher

This cincher made the list for being the best fully adjustable waist trainer. Made up of two fully adjustable elasticated bands, the Flychen cincher can be fitted around any body size, up to UK size 18, and still offer fabulous results.

With a wide inner band fitted with spiral steel bones in the back panel and a large velcro closure, this cincher can be fully adjusted to give you the shape you have always wanted. To add more definition, the cincher also has elastic outer straps which wrap tightly around your waistline and also has a velcro closure.

This cincher is the smallest of the list, fitting the area between your hip and lower ribs but this does not make it any less attractive. The cincher has been specially designed to merge seamlessly with your body without any bulges at the top or bottom of the band.

Ann Cherry Vest-Style Waist Trainer

The final waist trainer to make the list is the Ann Cherry vest-style waist trainer. With triple hook and eye closures, the cincher can be tightened to your preferred level whilst the reinforced back and wide shoulder straps help maintain good posture throughout the day.

It is available in either blue or pink and is made from elasticated cotton. This cincher does not contain any shape forming bones but relies on the high quality design of the waist trainer in order to pull in your sides and flatten your abdomen. This is great for waist training.

Designed to fit waistlines from 23 inches to 43 inches, it is a perfect choice for woman wanting to improve their posture whilst slimming their silhouette.

This is the largest waist trainer on our list but is a perfect option to wear under tight fitting clothes such as evening dresses due to the absence of an upper edge, making it undetectable from any angle.


Please remember to double check sizes before buying any waist trainer to ensure a proper fit and if in doubt, always contact the seller for more information on the size guidelines of a specific item. This is very important as sizes vary from brand to brand and whilst a size 12 may fit from one seller, you may need to order a size 10 or 14 from another. Best practise would be for you to visit any lingerie store which can offering measurement services to gain an accurate measurement before buying any waist training corset or cincher.

Try not to wear any waist trainer?? for too long or on too tight of a fitting, you should be able to still comfortable move and breathe whilst wearing a waist trainer. Studies have shown that wearing a waist trainer incorrectly can cause problems such as acid reflux and breathlessness. If you begin to suffer from complaints such as heartburn or dizziness whilst using a waist trainer, immediately loosen or remove the trainer to avoid making your symptoms worse.

Due to the range of closure styles out there, many people choose to opt for velcro or zip fastenings but should you choose a waist cincher with a hook and eye fitting, be on the look out for great brands with good reputations such as squeem it is easier to close the cincher if you fasten the hooks from the bottom. By working up the cincher, you can avoid accidentally uncoupling the hooks when you move the cincher to fasten it further.

And please remember that do not offer permanent results. If used correctly, a properly fitted waist trainer can help pull your sides and stomach inwards after around 4 weeks of daily use but, if left unworn, your waist will revert back to its original shape after around a week. Naturally, the effects of using a waist training belt or corset do last longer with lengthier use of the trainer.

Whichever waist trainer you choose, as a general rule, they will pull your waistline in by up to 3 inches as well as giving your abdomen a firmer, flatter appearance. This is the same effect gained by fashion corsets but waist trainers are designed to be comfortable to wear throughout most of the day and to be highly flexible without losing its shape. Not only will a waist trainer give you an amazing shape but they come highly praised for boosting self-esteem by removing the flaws you may see in your figure. Many women have agreed tat after using a waist trainer, it has given them a kick start in dieting and/or exercise by showing them what they could look like permanently with a few changes to lifestyle. Want to see more check out our ??cincher reviews.

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