5 Lessons in Management to Learn from the Security Industry

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For many years, the security industry lagged behind others as digital security for IT became a priority. However, in the last few years, they have really pulled up their socks and become a power to be reckoned with, integrating relevant software solutions for both those on the ground, and those in a more managerial role. Communicating critical information between levels and roles is something that is difficult to implement but essential in many circumstances.

Here’s how the Modern Security Industry is ruling the management game:

Keep Staff Accountable

Gone are the days of security guards strolling nonchalantly through a property, talking to a buddy, or taking a break to get a bite to eat. Today, specific software has come about which boasts a guard tour system that monitor security personnel while on patrol. Though this kind of system doesn’t work for every industry in the same way, being able to track the accountability and effectiveness of your staff members means you can get higher quality results, more efficient service, and a better understanding of their dedication and work ethic. Brainstorm ways in which you can translate this managerial trick to your own team.

Keep Track of Progress

It’s not enough to just file reports. Security services today come with real analytical potential thanks to collecting information of incident locations, time of day, category, and more. When this data is collected, and interpreted, it means that there is real information based on which positive changes can be made. Data is power and can influence how, when, and where the security guards concentrate their efforts to yield better results. Every company should have some method of measuring different metrics, based on which you can tweak your operations to offer an even better service.


Many companies today outsource their security, meaning that most security services have a list of clients that they serve. Modern security software offers a client log-in interface which exposes clients to a range of data, incident reports and their status, and real time information about the security of their companies. This is a trend which is catching on world-wide, thanks to which people expect access to information and trust the unedited and rough data with which they can come to their own conclusions. A client interface can easily be built into most company websites to display relevant and important information while creating a trusting and transparent relationship between the client and the contractor.


It’s true that the point behind security guards rest in the fact that they are always moving. However, technology didn’t catch up with that for a while, and filing paper reports on the go and handing them over at unnatural times during a shift made the job more difficult. Now, thanks to software advancements, security team members can file incident reports on the go from their phone, making decision making a quicker and more effective process. By developing tools which fit the mobility of the users, the industry saw a rise in quality and efficiency. How would your business benefit from it?

Rely on Workflows

The security industry is a very procedure-based industry, where one action or incident is meant to trigger a consistent reaction further down the workflow. For example, a security breech in one area will trigger an alarm to which the closest security guard will react to. Once on location, he will file a report regarding the incident, which will require a review from the manager on call, and later communicated to the client. Once the client comes up with a response, a premeditated plan of action is put into play. This makes dealing with the issue much easier and quicker, especially if the software being used can pull and contact the appropriate people with the right messages. Is there anything that your business does that can be organized into workflows? Putting them together may be time consuming, however they must be treated as an investment that will bring you value in the long run.

The security industry has some real lessons to share with those who are currently managing or looking to manage a team in the future.

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