5 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Plumbing Business

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Marketing is important for all forms of businesses. It’s one of the fundamental business process that any business should have. It is therefore very important to ensure that you have a sound marketing strategy and that you take it seriously.

This holds true even for a plumbing business, especially one that envisions to grow and expand. In order to help grow your plumbing business, here are 5 marketing ideas from us:

  1. Engage in social media

It is recommended that your business should have a presence on social media. Almost everyone is on social media, and these are people who all have potential plumbing needs.

By being active on social media, you help improve the brand awareness of your business, as well as enable you to reach out to existing and potential customers. You may also consider coming up with useful content that you can share on your social media accounts such as tips to prevent clogging your pumps and some DIY articles where you can then interject that you can come in as professional help.

In summary, social media is a great marketing platform that even plumbing businesses can tap to boost their marketing strategies.

  1. Be the “Local Plumber Near Me”

Local businesses that can be found on Google Maps are more likely to appear on the first page of a search engine’s results page. This is in line of Google’s personalize algorithm, making sure that searchers can find service providers that are near their location.

With this knowledge, you should ensure that your business can be located on Google Maps. You should also list your information such as name, address, and phone number. The same information should also be presented on Google My Business.

Finally, you should also ensure that when you come up with web content, don’t forget to include keywords regarding your location.

  1. Create appealing videos

For both your site and on your social media accounts, sharing videos is a good idea. A video is considered a highly-engaging form of content, and has the potential of conveying your message better than textual content.

Coming up with helpful videos related to plumbing is highly recommended. You can share basic maintenance of pipes, or about various materials used in pipes. When customers find that you are very knowledgeable on plumbing, you will be a resource not only of information, but also of services that are beyond their capacity.

Sharing videos is a great way to have your company’s name out there, improving your brand awareness, and ultimately leading to customer loyalty.

  1. Foster Online Reviews

A growing plumbing business needs to provide a way for clients to provide feedback in the form of reviews. This can help the business in two ways.

First, an honest customer feedback helps the business understand how they are really performing. Not all reviews would be positive, and when there are negative reviews, these serve as a reminded that there’s a need to improve. A business needs to understand its shortfalls before it can grow to be successful.

The other way is that reviews help build trust on your business. Providing a way for potential clients to see how actual clients asses your business show that you are transparent. Potential clients also need the account of those who had an experience with your service to help them decide if they should also avail of your service themselves. If you have lots of positive reviews, then a potential client would definitely try your services as well. But don’t curate reviews. If there are negative feedbacks, show other clients how you resolved the issue and you’ll still be getting the results you need.

Indeed, fostering online reviews can help a growing business, and it should not be left behind on one’s marketing strategies.

  1. Build an Email Marketing List

Despite the prominence of social media marketing, email marketing still has a place in this world, and it is still very much effective. It is therefore really important to build a mailing list.

Make sure that you make an effort to get the email addresses of your clients. You may also ask potential clients that are visiting your site to provide their email addresses. Don’t require this though as doing so may prevent them from continuing to visit your site.

With a decent mailing list, you then have a chance to do the following email marketing campaigns:

  • Informative pieces such as tips and guides related to plumbing
  • Sales promotions such as discounts
  • Inviting them to plumbing-related activities such as exhibits

There’s really a lot you can do with email marketing so make sure that you build your mailing list.

Grow your Plumbing Business through Marketing

Marketing is indeed a business process that should not be taken for granted, especially for one that desires to grow. We have shared some tips on how your plumbing business can boost your marketing strategy, which can then help ensure that you can achieve your goal to grow. A simple plumber online advertising campaign, when done correctly, can help put you one step closer to reach your growth objectives.

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