5 Product Page Mistakes That Make Your Site Look Untrustworthy

By Kristen Gramigna

Trusted brand stamp

Trusted brand stamp

An enormous obstacle for small e-commerce companies is establishing trust — without it, few prospects are willing to take the risk of ordering online from a company they’ve never heard of before. With a properly designed website, small companies can establish trust. By avoiding these five product page mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to making prospects confident enough to do business.

  1. Displaying Weak or Too Few Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very persuasive, but can backfire if not published with care. Consider: if you display one or two reviews, it makes it look like hardly anyone has ordered the given product. This raises skepticism rather than trust. Some e-tailers go too far in the other direction and publish only glowing reviews, most of which read like they were written by a professional copywriter. Authenticity is good. Prospects are more likely to trust reviews that offer criticism and are not all the same.

  1. No Security or Privacy Statements

Security and privacy are probably the two greatest concerns for anyone placing an order online. Could my credit card information be stolen? Will this company sell or otherwise share my email address and other personal information? These are two top-of-mind questions your product page must answer. Effective ways to communicate security and privacy include highlighting the fact you have an SSL certification for data encryption, displaying a TRUSTe emblem, and stating explicitly that you do not share or sell customer information — linked to a privacy statement page.

  1. No Product Images or Low-Quality Images

Today’s customers are experienced in the realm of online shopping and have high expectations. If your product pages contain low-resolution product images, unimaginative and obvious stock photography, or no product images at all, prospects will notice and get rattled. It is very much worth the expense to take high-resolution photographs of your products, positioned to highlight a key feature or benefit if possible. Use an image caption to accent that feature or benefit, and you’ve gone a long way toward establishing trust.

  1. Mediocre Product Page Content

If your product descriptions are thin, prospects may not get enough information to make a decision. Facts and detail sell, and they do so because they establish trust — trust that you, the seller, have a legitimate, well-designed and well-engineered product. Detailed product pages are especially important for products or services that are new to the market or complex by nature. Even large companies with strong brand affinity must provide thorough product content in those cases. Further, if your content is detailed but riddled with grammatical errors and misspelled words, you will undermine whatever trust you’ve built. Proofread carefully!

  1. Not Enough White Space

For trust-building product page design, less is the new more. In the old days, it was pretty common to see tons of information, product photos and calls to action crammed “above the fold” to prevent users from having to scroll. Those days are long gone. With mobile Internet usage reaching new highs every month, your prospects have been acclimated to vertical scrolling. Take advantage of this by using plenty of white space in your design. White space conveys simplicity, elegance and sophistication, all of which serve to build trust. In addition, white space makes your content easier to read, easier to scan, and easier to act on. Cluttered product pages overwhelm users and cause them to exit.

Creating effective product pages is an art and a science. Avoiding these five common mistakes can lead to immediate improvement in conversions, but if results come slowly, keep testing and tweaking. The beauty of e-commerce is: no mistake is irreversible, and every success can be improved even further.

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