5 Reasons Why Lack of Budget is not an Obstacle for Starting a Business Anymore

By burns.melissaa


The fact that hard times have come doesn’t mean you have any chance to open your own business and become an entrepreneur. Believe you or not, but the best time to start thinking about it isn’t tomorrow, in a week, and certainly not after next Christmas. This time is right now.

5 reasons to start business even if you have no money

  1. Knowledge is free now. A long time ago business was like a private club or some secret art. In order to understand the intricacies of the business, it was necessary to spend a lot of money to attend seminars and buy smart books. All this can be done now, but today it is possible to learn entrepreneurship differently. You can find the real stories of successful and unsuccessful businesses everywhere. Free webinars, detailed instructions about how to develop your startup from zero revenue to the pay off business are available for free. All the knowledge about the stages of development are publicly available on the Internet.
  2. ‘Cloud’ storage and web apps allow you starting without expenses. A great funding was needed for software and hardware to start business ten year s ago. If you’re planning something great, then it could be needed the initial cost of half a million dollars to buy equipment you need. Software for internal use costs a lot, moreover, there was a little choice. Developed system of open source software and tools are for our service today, as well as cloud drives. ‘Startup weekends‘ became possible and available thank to the progress in software development. It is a three-day working session with the support of IT experts, where the raw idea can be turned into a circumspect project.
  3. Place doesn’t matter. These days, you can run your business from any place in the world and become well-known everywhere. Modern companies in the world can work in various locations in the USA and abroad. Take a look at Balsamiq, WooThemes, or see where Backupify is located. The ability to have access to customers is now available globally. Work at home, go out for a walk in the morning and look at standing in traffic jams office workers with a smile. Such feelings are priceless. Again, the absence of binding to the office allows you to hire people no matter their location is.
  4. Use free content marketing. According to thousands of marketers’ experience, you can promote your business without huge budgets. Use the power of blog posting and social networks:
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter to find investors in the region in which you are going to fulfill your dream;
  • Use the possibilities of e-mail and legal mailing to databases of businesses and their managers;
  • Write guest posts and comments on websites and blogs of companies from your area. Try to talk with the leaders and representatives of companies dealing in your local market because their experience may bring you benefits.

Nowadays, a good product with a well composed story could become famous overnight, and attract the attention of leading mass media. Look at Chat Roulette. Although it is not the best example of a big business, but represents a great example of how a simple company can gain fame and press attention in one night.

  1. Easy to find clients via Internet. Looking for clients always was difficult. In order to make money, you require clients because they burn the engine of your business. You don’t know how to create a ‘sales explore’ – it is not a problem. Observe a variety of channels to get clients. There are PR, inbound marketing, marketing by using search engines, events of private life, outspread on a free platform, direct sales, old calls, affiliate programs and, many other channels. They can be used strategically, without spending a lot of initial funding. Why is it important? It’s like an ability to have more additional ‘lives’ video game. More channels you use , more opportunities for success you get.

Of course, you can be an engineer or a great trader. You can find an excellent job, perhaps even with a salary of six figures. Add to this other advantages, and everything looks fine.

But here’s the thing: no work is secure in this world. Wall Street crumbled almost overnight, and many large companies go down the tubes out of a clear sky. Creating a startup, at least gives you some control over your resource of income.

If you are fired, then, as a rule, end of your story comes. When in the startup world the equivalent of ‘dismissal’ happens to you, you can stand against. You show perseverance and continue to work. If something tells you to start your own company, you have a talented people around, and you really believe in it, then go ahead.

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