5 Troubleshooting Techniques for POS Systems

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The POS system might be working as a right hand to any small or big business house. But as any efficient worker does suffer a bad day and take an unexpected leave for a while, so can these POS system technologies do, all of a sudden, when the back operation was flying at full swing. Not every time one can get in touch with the Customer Care, and not every time they could reach your spot immediately. In between, your business can suffer a major operational dysfunction which cannot be allowed to continue in any sense. What is the option at this point of time?

An expert from the Lavu iPad POS suggested a few shortcut techniques to troubleshoot these issues which could arise at some point of business operation. See, if that can save your day.

  1. Read the Error Messages Carefully

If suddenly there is an error message appearing n the POS system, one should not panic. Instead the message should be read carefully. If it defines a definite problem like, the printer has gone out of paper and needs to be refilled, that is what to be done, and nothing else. But to ensure, it comes back to the normal working condition, one should try reloading the ink cartridge ribbon which is better before calling the customer care.

The idea behind is that, every computing system is programmed with a basic communication system where it generally announces what the issue is. If one employee is not able to figure out the problem, he should not take any action and let the higher authorities know what the error message was all about.

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  1. The POS System is Running Unreasonably Slow

Just like any other computer software, every POS system can show error or function slowly, if it is loaded with too many programs running at a time. To bring it back to the normal working condition, make sure, to close down the unnecessary programs and clean the system with a fresh restart.

Sometimes the system could get over heated because of prolonged usage. It could be another reason behind the POS system to slow down the response. One should touch the different parts of the system and try to feel, if the device has been overheated due to some reason. Even if, it is busy hours, it is better to shut down the machine for few minutes and then restart it again for better results.

  1. What if the POS Keeps Shutting Down

In every good POS System, the programmers configure a feature to control sudden shut downs. It would have a number, resetting that number to zero, would most likely prevent the system from unexpected shut downs. Once again, restarting the system helps often as the components get some chance to clear the backlogs.

  1. If the Accuracy of a New POS System Doesn’t Work

At times, even a new POS system might refuse to respond on its terminal screens. Reasons? It could be as simple as a wiring problem, it could be just that the terminal got stuck somewhere and needs to be clean. To pass on the data, the screen needs to be cleaned everyday that might get disturbed with a sticky finger touch.

  1. The Power Button Isn’t Responding

Start with checking out the outlets and see with other devices, if their power button is responding to that power outlet. If it is dead, it is easier to get resolved just by changing the fuse. If not, then things could go complicated a bit a few steps of flipping on the circuit breaker might set it right.

Winding Up

Not every trouble could be shot with these above said simple solutions, but these are some basic tips which can sometimes save on time, energy and money that every business would like to do. All these above steps are basic maintenance tips of the POS systems, which anyway users should follow in regular intervals to avoid bigger troubles in future.

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