5 Unique Gifts for the Busy Man in Your Life

By sheila.opulencia

5 Unique Gifts for the Busy Man in Your Life

It’s hard to find the right gift for the bike riding, mustache swaging, muscle blowing manly man in your life. Sure, the appetite of a usual human male specimen can be satisfied with a nice watch, a new trendy gadget, and sometimes with a hoodie or a customized mug. But we are not talking about the everyday joe, these items don’t cut for the hairy, barrel chested masculine individual we are targeting. So, without further ado, have a look at these 5 absolutely mannishly macho gifts for the love of your life.

Awesomely Sickening Bike Helmets

A macho man doesn’t drive, he rides, and what could be a better gift for a rider than a sickening bike helmet. Sure, options are unlimited and this essential piece of hardware can go beyond a mere skull protector. This unique gift will instill your love in his heart, because it not only shows you care about his safety and wellbeing, but also portrays that you value his healthy interests.

Beard Grooming Kits and Oil

Men have beards, there are no second opinions about that. Whether he likes to keep it short or have a long wavy one, it needs to be taken care of. That’s why we highly recommend beard grooming products or a kit. You can mix few products to mold your customized grooming kit. He will enjoy lustrous thick beard, while your fingers would relish the smooth feel of his beardy locks.

Hardcore Wear Anywhere Boots

We suggest steel toed, water resistant, meticulously crafted, made in USA Thorogood work boots for your loved one. They can be used without any care, on roughest terrains and in wildest weathers. Perfect for your bike riding macho super hero. These are not the usual off road, trekking or biking boots, they are steel reinforced industrial grade boots that are highly stylized and crafted for unmatched comfort and looks.

The Swiss Army Knife Breaker

Surely, you would have seen many multi tools, they come is all forms and sizes these days. However, none is quite like the one we are recommending, that’s because this one comes with a hammer. Not to mention the usual suspects like knife, can opener, bottle opener, different sizes of screw drivers and wire cutter are also present in this one. What makes it even more perfect is the fact that you can get it personalized with your man’s initials.

The Man Hanger

Not your everyday run of the mill hangers, we are talking about man hangers. These are specifically designed to carry one or multiple jackets and suits, and some even are made of rebar. Not to mention, they are rather costly and won’t get your male friend excited like the other entries, but they sure are handy and practical. He will thank you in the long run.

There you go ladies! Pave the way to your man’s heart with any or all of these, none would falter and backfire, that’s our guarantee. By the way, for the kids who have stumbled upon our page, your daddy will appreciate these goodies as well.

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