5 Ways to Get Paid to Blog

By Chris Harper

5 Ways To Get Paid To Blog

Let’s face it: blogging is kind of fun. You get to write about things that interest you and, for many, it is a fantastic creative outlet. Even though blogging can be a very personal thing, why not try to make a bit of money.

This article will walk you through five common ways that people have found related to how to get paid for blogging. Hopefully at least one will be a great fit for you!

Method #1: Write Blog Posts to Sell Online

If you are reading this and have a passion for blogging, it may come as a surprise to you that not everyone shares your gift. Instead, some people simply buy prewritten blog posts and use them as their own.

While this is not a terribly creative way to get content for a blog, it can be a profitable way for you to get paid to write blogs. There are several content sites where you can write blog posts and then people can buy the rights to use them. You don’t always get the credit for writing because the person buying the post will often claim that they wrote it, but you’re probably not writing these articles for fame anyway.

For example, at Constant Content, you submit articles and blog posts into a marketplace where people who are looking for posts for their sites can buy them. You get paid through Paypal and Constant Content gets 35% commission.

Method #2: Write for an Article Site

As a sort of “step up” from writing articles and selling them online, there are even more marketplaces that people who need content go to to find what they are looking for. They will typically write a description of the article that they need and the site will, in turn, send this information out to writers who write the content.

Payment typically comes in the form of a set amount per word. Of course, the article site gets most of the money, though.

Again, Constant Content provides services like this but there are plenty of others that you should check out, such as Media Shower, ArticleBunny and Textbroker.

Method #3: Become a Freelance Writer

Another option in the bucket of writing things for others is freelancing. This differs from the first two methods above because you typically end up working directly with the end client, rather than going through an article writing site.

In this case, people who are looking for writers will post the jobs to sites like Odesk and Upwork. As the writer, you can then offer a proposal to do the work. All of the correspondence is between you and the client, not through a third party (though these sites usually have protections in place to reduce fraud).

Of these first three methods for getting paid to blog, freelancing is probably the one that will be the most successful for you in the long term and is where you are going to find the best paying blog sites. But don’t completely discount writing for another site at first, especially as they are a great way to build your portfolio.

That said, there are still some concerns to keep in mind when it comes to being a freelance blogger. This infographic from 24Seven Talent can help you think of the pros and cons:

Method #4: Look for Blogs That Pay Guest Posters or Writers

Freelance writing is a great way to get paid to blog

While being a writer for hire is going to make you money, it is probably not the main reason you are doing this. True, you do get to write, but it doesn’t advance your name in the blogging world and does nothing to build up your own blog’s traffic. That’s where paid guest posting comes in.

There are plenty of sites that are looking for quality content and will pay for it. But the benefits to you are greater than the money because you can get your name out there and, if included naturally in the post, you might get a link back to your own blog. Writing a couple of these could quickly set you on your own path to becoming a big name in blogging for your niche.

To find these, try to think of the best news sites and blogs in your area of expertise. Then search to see if they have a paid contributor program. On average, you will be looking at $100 or more per submission. Not too bad!

Method #5: Monetize Your Own Blog

Writing for other people is great, but you probably became a blogger to write for yourself in the first place. That’s why the best way to get paid to blog is to start your own blog for money.

There are plenty of ??ways to monetize your blog, including advertising, affiliate product links and selling your own things like e-books, consulting or other products.

In these cases, you aren’t necessarily being paid to blog as much as your blog posts are supporting other income streams.

Whichever method you choose, it is certainly possible to get paid to write blogs. And the best part is that you can pick multiple ways so that you increase your income overall. Take a minute today to get started by signing up for one of the article sites and then stick with it. Before long, you will have made a name for yourself and will be on your way to making a living through writing blogs.

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