5 Ways to Make Money as an Entrepreneur

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For many who dream of leaving their jobs and starting their own business, figuring out a genuine way to do this can be daunting.

The truth is there is rarely just one way to do it. There are many methods you can employ to make money on the side, build capital and be your own boss. These 5 tips can go a long way towards getting you there.

Consider investing in real estate

Tried and tested, real estate is still the best way to make money as an investor. Whether you are looking to invest in Vancouver Real Estate, or have identified a growing market in a European resort, the potential to considerably increase your income with real estate is proven. There are many ways to do this, from purchasing apartments and renting them out, to snapping up cheap homes and making them over to sell at higher prices.

If you are looking to make money while you sleep, real estate is top of the list.

Find an evergreen product and sell it online

Think of something which is both a necessity, but can be designed or packaged as a luxury item. Cutlery, for example, is a good way to start. A set of executive knives, forks, and spoons may seem very obvious and trite, but providing you are targeting the right market and appealing to the right people, this can be very profitable.

All you need is to establish a manufacturing partnership in somewhere like China to produce the goods according to your specifications and a selling account on Amazon.

Become a freelance writer

Do you consider yourself a capable writer or an SEO specialist? Put these skills to work and find clients online in need of freelance writers. Develop relationships with clients across the globe in need of copywriters or bloggers and make money on the side. By 2020, the percentage of American’s freelancing is set to hit approximately 50%.

There are a number of sites where freelance writers can register in order to find work on a daily basis, which can boost your monthly income.

Build a chatbot

Virtual assistants are the big thing in 2018, and the demand for chatbots is certainly growing. By 2020, it is estimated that up to 80% of marketers will be using chatbots in their day to day interactions. While you may feel your technical prowess is not exactly good enough to build your own virtual assistant, there are a number of sites where you can build your own for free.

There is big potential in virtual assistance, and it can be potentially lucrative.

Teach a subject or skill online

There are many sites hiring professionals or graduated to teach online. The most popular in the west right now are dedicated to teaching English as a foreign language. Providing you have the time, and a good internet connection, there is the opportunity to avail of some pretty good rates teaching remotely.

The same goes for teaching guitar, piano or coaching.

Start now

There many ways to use your skills to your advantage and make enough money to get out of the grind, and start for yourself. All it takes is the drive and will to be your own boss, today.

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