6 Benefits of Working From Home

By Greg Nunan

Working from home offers a lot of benefits, especially to those who want more time for themselves and their families. It has become an increasingly popular alternative to office-based employment because of the many opportunities being offered nowadays. If you are interested in knowing what you can get from home-based careers, read on.

Flexible Work Schedule

Home-based employment can give you the option of working any time of the day. This will let you juggle your career and personal obligations better. Being able to make time for other necessary things is one of the greatest benefits of working from home. Today’s technology lets you balance work and personal obligations, something that people with families will surely take advantage of.

Ability to Explore Different Business Ideas

Most new businesses fail within the first year, which is an unfortunate fact of business. When traditional bricks and mortar businesses fail, the financial losses can be significant, including losing most of your money on office space rent, furniture, and utilities. If you have a home-based business, you can easily explore different home business opportunities opportunities without having to face the financial pitfall should you fail.

Easy Upsize or Downsize

Renting an office space will make it difficult for you to upsize or downsize your business. This is because you could be locked into a long-term agreement. Having a home-based business will help you easily increase or decrease the size of your business. You can choose to hire people remotely as virtual assistants or as work-at-home employees. Outsourcing tasks can be a great option when you want to lower your overhead costs, while expanding your business.


The average commute time is 45 minutes. People with office-based jobs tend to spend most of their salaries on transportation alone. What about spending this time and money in a home-based business or career? Working from home will save you more or less an hour per day. This means more time to explore different opportunities.

Lower Taxes

Your home expenses, like mortgage and property tax, can be written off against your company’s profit when you set up a home-based business. If you are unfamiliar with tax write-offs, it will be wise to seek the help of a tax professional. Generally, you can qualify for a tax write-off by declaring your home as your principal workplace. The percentage of the write-off will be determined by the size of your home-based office.

Low Overhead Costs

Working from home lets you enjoy little to zero overhead costs and uptake of online businesses is flourishing as a result. You no longer have to commute to work, rent an office space, and spend money on other related costs. The reduction of these expenses means more opportunities to improve yourself, as well.

Final Words

These are just six of the many great benefits of working from home. The biggest benefit it can offer you is more free time for yourself and/or your family. There will be more moments to witness and experience, giving you a better life, overall. You can either put up your own business or seek employment that will not require you to leave your room. While there are risks involved, they are definitely worth a shot.

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