6 Cool strategies you can use right now to increase holiday business sales

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We’re edging the holiday season, so it’s the perfect time to talk about how you can boost your businesses’ online presence, especially if you have an e-commerce site. If you’re yet to think about your marketing plan, then you’re already behind the curve.

First things first – do you have an e-commerce website?

If not, then say goodbye to hundreds or thousands of leads this holiday season. Any business owner hoping to take full advantage this upcoming week should utilize more than word of mouth and traditional marketing. You need a WEBSITE.

Start by deciding on a domain name, making sure that it’s unique, easy to recall, and one that mirrors your business goals. Accomplish a domain name check to ensure that the name you’ve chosen is available for purchase. Next, buy it and contact the provider for web design services and hosting.

Now check out the holiday sales tips listed below to help your business increase its holiday sales.

Decorate for the festivity. Decorate you stores/offices for the holidays. It goes without saying that your online storefront should receive the same treatment. Decorate your website, social media accounts, and email newsletters. Customize landing pages, and use custom content for each of your target audiences.

Use other online selling platforms. Many buyers prefer doing their online holiday shopping through online shops to avoid the holiday rush. Amazon, for instance, saw a record-breaking holiday sale of over 21 billion dollars! Research and check if it makes sense for your company or website to sign up as a seller or third-party advertiser.

Utilize paid advertising. Consider paid online advertising options if you have enough marketing budget. Facebook ads and/or Google PPC are good places to start. For Google PPC, it’s crucial to research content targeting and keyword first to get the biggest bang for your buck. Targeting is very important to paid advertising to assist in stretching your budget limitations.

Consider giving back. As you know, the holidays are the perfect time to share and care. Why not give back a percentage of all your holiday sales to a charity of your choice or let your potential customers know how they can show support. Show your customers your care and sponsor an event or local charity.

Offer freebies. Why not throw in a free gift or offer gift wrapping? If you’re feeling generous, try including shipping on all or a select number of your products. You’ll want to do this because people naturally expect holiday specials or sales. The thing is, if you don’t give consumers special treatment, they will find another provider who offers it. It’s vital to have a hook to show your potential customers that you value their business.

Make it easy, but create a sense of urgency. Most people are busy during the holidays, so make sure to make it easy for them to make purchases right from their mobile devices. Also, make use of urgency “offer good while stocks last” to boost sales during the period.

It’s important to stay in good spirits during the holiday seasons as this can impact your business sales whether you believe it or not. When customers contact you through the website, social media, or chat, stay positive and upbeat. Great customer service goes a long way.

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