6 Important Dates to Remember for a Limited Company

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You have finally formed your limited company after many hard efforts. From here, you will have to work hard for another set of achievements. In the beginning, it can be as overwhelming as it is exciting to handle your own limited company.

To start with, there are a few important dates that you will need to remember. Here we have listed 6 significant dates you must take note of regarding your limited company (also read more at yourcompanyformations.co.uk)

Incorporation Date

This is one of the most important dates you need to remember. It is the date you formed your company and many following dates will be decided in comparison to this one. It will also be needed for completing certain paperwork like when you are opening a new bank account.

Accounting Reference Date

Limited companies are required to file their annual accounts on annual basis. This is required regardless of the fact that the company has never traded. This date acts as an indicator to show the minimum period that the annual accounts of the limited company should cover up to. The accounting reference date is automatically set to be the last day of the month in which the company was formed. As an example, a company formed in March will have 31/03 as its accounting reference date. The first set of accounts for a company should at least cover up to the reference date from the incorporation date. The second set of accounts should at least cover up to the coming reference date but from where the last accounts left off.

Last Accounts Made Up To Date

This particular date refers to the date up to which the last accounts covered up to. The date will not be the one when the accounts were filed. It is to remain blank if the company sis does not file the accounts.

Date of Next Accounts Due

This date indicates the last point on which you can report your company’s annual accounts. If you fail to do so on this date, the Companies House will be close your company. On the other hand, if you file the annual accounts after this due date, you are liable to pay a penalty. The amount of penalty depends on how late you were.

Date of Last Confirmation Statement

All limited companies are required to file a confirmation statement. This was previously known as an annual term. The filing is required at least once a year. The last confirmation statement includes the details about the registered office, director, person with significant control, shareholder and sure information of the company. No financial information is added and the last confirmation date is the one up to which the last statement is covered up.

Next Confirmation Statement Due

This is the date on by which you are required to file your confirmation statement. You can be charged with a criminal offence if you fail to file this statement. In the case of late filing, Companies House may close the company or charge a fine.

You can view these dates for your limited company on the Companies House WebCheck site.

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