7 Businesses You Could Start Right Now

By Blogtrepreneur

Many of us dream of starting our own business. Often, we long for a great work life balance, and we just can’t get the flexibility working for a company. Or, perhaps because we have seen the mistakes others make, and feel we could do better. Here are some great businesses you could start yourself, today.


If you have a good camera, and take high quality photographs, it’s quite easy to make a little extra cash by selling your photographs to stock photo sites. However, to turn it into a business, you will need a lot of talent, and some more professional equipment. You’ll also need a website and a portfolio. Then you can start advertising yourself as a photographer. While it might be hard work, it can also be an incredibly fun career, getting to share in people’s special moments is wonderfully exciting.


Baking, again, takes a lot of talent. But all the equipment you really need to start your business is probably already in your kitchen. People are willing to pay a lot of money for celebration cakes. Start advertising and showcasing your skills on your social media profiles to gauge interest and see if you could make it profitable.


Catering is something you could either start from home, or in a restaurant. There is a lot of competition in the restaurant world, though, so you need to either be better or different to succeed.


Now is a great time to get into marketing. With the growth of digital marketing, including social media and blog marketing, more work than ever can be done from home. While formal qualifications are helpful, you don’t necessarily need them if you have a lot of experience.


Writing can either be done as a freelancer, or writing your own material. With the rise in eBook publications, you can self-publish on Amazon quite easily. As a freelancer, you will find a lot of writing work available in all different niches.


If you have already got a blog, all you need to do is monetize it. If not, it’s relatively easy to set a new blog up and get writing. Great content is the most important thing, so you might want to consider sticking to one topic. Then use your social media accounts to grow your blog before you consider monetizing. Some people make a successful living through things like advertising and affiliate marketing.


If you have any skills at crafting, from producing jewelry to home furnishings, you could start by trying to sell them on sites like Etsy or eBay with the aim of setting up your own e-commerce store if it goes well. Or ever open a brick and mortar store.

When starting up a business, the first thing you should do is write a list of anything you enjoy doing, and feel you are good at. Then ask yourself if others would pay for these talents. If any meet these requirements, think about what you need to get started. In many cases, a great website is all you really need to get going. In others, you might need some premises. Do some research, read about other startups and entrepreneurs, learn from their mistakes, and heed their advice.

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