7 Leadership Attributes That Inspire a Loyal Workforce

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In 2011, a survey was released that said 46% of new recruits leave their recently won positions after just twelve months. This got business owners thinking, because it’s a surprising statistic. Even if, in this fast paced world, managers are no longer sure that employees will stay with them for good, it’s still shocking to think that a year is all some companies get.

What is it about modern enterprises that has become so transient? And, how can it be fixed, so that employees want to invest their time in a company and owners get the opportunity to build up a loyal, dependable workforce? Ultimately, it all about that ‘l word.’ Without loyalty, workers have no incentive to stay put, so company leaders need to know how to inspire it.

This guide to the most essential corporate leadership qualities will help you to become a trusted and motivating mentor.

1. Authenticity

Thirty years ago, it was normal for leaders to have one persona for the workforce and another for the executives. However, modern workplaces have grown increasingly transparent. It’s now much harder (and less useful) for interactions at the top level to be given more focus than those on the shop floor. The reality is that employees will quickly find out if a manager or supervisor is telling them one thing, but intending another.

2. Willingness to Help

As branded merchandise specialist, Promotional Product Experts, advises, good leaders should be willing to fight for the needs of their team. While they obviously have figures and objectives to meet, they don’t really serve the head honchos; their main focus is the happiness and development of key team members.

3. Supports Personal Growth

One of the most common reasons that employees switch jobs is a lack of personal satisfaction. They just don’t feel like their position is offering any long term rewards. As a surprising number of people would stick with a lower salary and a rewarding job, instead of moving to an unsatisfyingly position with a bigger paycheque, workers clearly want to build up a connection with their workplace.

4. Trusts the Team

Motivational, inspiring leaders encourage employees to push beyond their perceived limits and they trust them to excel when they do. With the support of a strong, dependable mentor behind them – somebody who believes in their skills – they’ll always want to work hard and make their team proud. If you give a little, you’ll get a lot back and you’ll find that workers stay loyal even when times are tough.

5. Open and Honest

It’s hard to get excited about the future if you don’t know what it holds. So, encourage your team to feel passionate about where the company is heading by telling them all about it. A good leader is comfortable with sharing ideas and plans, because they recognise the value of multiple opinions and perspectives – lots of contributors are always better than just one voice.

6. Humble and Modest

Nobody likes a leader who behaves like they’re far above the workforce. Ultimately, you shouldn’t really be asking your employees to do anything that you wouldn’t also do yourself. A strong leader knows that all jobs, whether big or small, are essential, because every single one contributes to the bigger picture; the smooth running of the company. If the team needs help, delegate but don’t remove yourself from the situation. Show a willingness to pitch in.

7. Approachable

The division between boss and employee needs to be clear and well defined, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for personal interaction. There’s nothing unprofessional about asking after kids or spouses, offering birthday wishes, or having a chat about your pets on a lunch break. Loyalty is driven by contact and communication; leaders who care are the ones who get goodwill back in spades.

Learning How to Be a Great Leader

For all business leaders, the important thing to remember is that the title doesn’t signal the end of learning. It doesn’t mean that you know everything you need to and can consider yourself a model mentor. Of course it doesn’t; if anything, it should be your cue to learn as much as possible about the business, so that you can pass your knowledge on to your team.

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