7 Proven Ways to Boost eCommerce Sale (That Work Fast)

By Kristy Bernales

Nearly 70% of Americans shop online regularly. Does your e-store make big sales daily? Are you satisfied with your eCommerce sales?

Well, if not, you are missing out on your competitors. And this is not what you want, do you?

Opening an e-store is not enough. It takes more than just any website to acquire customers. Is there any secret to boosting sale?

And the answer is Yes. This post talks about 7 highly effective tactics to boost eCommerce sales.

After reading this post, you will know the top 7 proven ways that will double the sales of your e-store, if not triple.

Let’s begin unearthing those growth hacking tactics!

1- Engage Prospects with Unique Product Descriptions

If you think the main objective of writing description is to describe products, you are absolutely Wrong.

This is an easy mistake that many copywriters make. How can you avoid it?

It’s simple – product descriptions should sell the products. And to sell products, the product descriptions should be able to engage the prospects.

The best way to write engaging product descriptions is to use emotionally charged phrases. Always remember – buying is an emotional impulse. So your product description should engage with prospects at the emotional level.

Product descriptions should inform visitors how their lives will be changed after using the products.

2- Use Social Proof to Persuade Prospects

Social proof is a powerful marketing technique. It is nothing but an approval of a large audience for any given action.

Now, you might be thinking that how social proof will help you sell more products.

Derek Gehl pointed out on Entrepreneur,

“Online shoppers tend to suffer from purchase anxiety more than offline shoppers. After all, when you buy something over the internet, it’s often a product you’ve never seen before sold by a person you’ve never met before.”

Social Proof can remove purchase anxiety and encourage shoppers to buy your products. Share the number of customers who purchased your products. Your past sales can work as a social proof.

Shoppers want a proof that they are making a right decision and social proof does that.

3- Run PPC Campaigns to Convert Ready-to-buy Prospects

Ask any successful eCommerce entrepreneur about PPC campaigns and you will get the same answer. PPC marketing is an effective tool to boost sales.

Most of the eCommerce stores get a big ROI of PPC campaigns. Why? Because, through PPC campaigns, one can target ready-to-buy shoppers.

A great advantage of PPC campaign is that you will pay only when prospects will click on your ads. And the ones clicking on your ads will be the ready-to-buy prospects. So the conversion rate will be high.

4- Address Prospect’s Reluctance through Content Marketing

There are reasons why shoppers don’t buy your products. Want to know those reasons?

Here is a list of the most common reasons:

  • Shoppers don’t know about your products
  • Shoppers can’t differentiate your products
  • Shoppers find your products costly and you are not able to tell them why your products are costlier than the rest
  • Shoppers don’t find your products fit for their needs
  • Shoppers don’t find your e-store reputable

These are the common reasons why your e-store doesn’t make sales. You should address these concerns of shoppers through effective content marketing.

When used to its greatest advantage, content marketing can create a relationship between a company and its customers.

5- Take the Help of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective tool that can boost sales like anything. And the best part is it is hassle-free. You assign your affiliate a tracking URL, the affiliate promotes your products, sales happen, and the affiliate gets a commission.

In addition to being simple and easy-to-implement, affiliate marketing has many advantages, such as paying only for results, cost-effectiveness, fixed cost per acquisition, etc.

A great thing about affiliate marketing is that you have nothing to lose. You only need to pay when you make sales.

6- Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Email may be an old tactic, but it remains a vital one. Why?

Checking emails on cell phones is the first thing that most us do in the morning. An aggressive email marketing campaign can sell your products like anything.

But, to run an email campaign, you will need an email list. So you should start building an email list at an earlier stage. An email list is more important than social media.

“Social media marketing and paid ads platforms are always changing and can disappear without notice. But your email list is something that once you build it, you own it,” says Darren DeMatas.

With a long list of prospects in hand, you can easily run email marketing campaigns for your products.

Here is a tip to optimize email marketing campaigns: Never miss any holiday season.

7- Use Social Media to Sell Products

Yes, social media can help you sell products. How?

An integral part of the sales process is to know prospects and their needs.

Social media can hint you about what prospects are thinking, what their needs are, and what they want. This can provide a strong base to create effective marketing and promotional strategies.

As there are many social platforms, you should first find out on which social platform your market is having conversations, and then start focusing on that platform.

Facebook is ideal for consumer sales, LinkedIn is the best for B2B business, and Twitter is perfect for all kinds of folks. And your audience might be on Instagram or YouTube. So finding the right channel is a must for social selling.

If you don’t have time for social media, you can hire a virtual assistant for the same. And you won’t be doing it alone. Most successful entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants.

So, now, you know the best practices to make big sales.

What are you waiting for? Register big sales this week.


After opening an eCommerce store, your next job is to make it a huge success. If you engage your prospects with uniquely crafted product descriptions, use social proof to persuade prospects, and run PPC campaigns to convert the ready-to-buy prospects, and address the prospect’s reluctance, there is no reason why you wouldn’t get success.

Email marketing, social media, and affiliate marketing can be great tools to fuel growth.

What about you?

Do you want to add any other way here to boost eCommerce sales? Do share your thought in the comment section. I’d love to hear about it.

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