7 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Yoga Mat

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So you are up for practicing yoga, aren’t you?

The first thing you need soon after you decide to practice yoga is the mat itself. Yeah, without a mat, where you are going to do the asanas? You know it’s not sensible to do it on the bare floor.

That’s why you need a guide on selecting the perfect yoga mat for you. Guess what? You are reading one now!

Don’t worry! You don’t have to go through any technical details like manufacturing of mats or anything like that. In fact, I don’t know that either.

Here you get a bunch of practical tips to help you buy the best yoga mat.

Go for Lightness

Buying a heavy mat will not help you in any way. If you need to carry it from one place to another, a heavy mat is going to steal your energy. You’d tire yourself out before you’ve even done any poses.

When you’re picking out mats, don’t hesitate test how much your possible choices weigh in. Carry each one for a few steps. Then you can gauge whether the mat is too heavy for you or not.

Do you need exact figures for the weight? Well, I think it’s good up to 3.5 pounds. Still, the variation can occur based on your physique and strength.

Don’t Hesitate to Shell out Extra for a Good Mat

Say you come across a mat you like. But it’s a Manduka, and the price makes you hesitate.

Hear me out! If you have got the money, buy it. Only overlook the good option in case you are short of money or if the funds you have at the moment is intended for another purpose.

According to my observation and experience, I know you can grab a good Lululemon or Manduka for about $60. But there are pretty good unbranded ones that go for much cheaper.

But bear in mind that you have to buy multiple cheap mats for the period a good one can last.

Consider the Grip

You need to lay, stretch and do a lot of standing poses, arm balances, and downward dogs on your mat. A slippery mat can hinder you, or even harm you. A good sticky mat would help you feel more secure and keep you safe in your practice.

Check the Materials It is Made Of

A yoga mat is usually made out of a combination of materials. There are mats made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, plastic, or some other plant products. I recommend you choose a mat made from natural materials as this would help keep you grounded in good energy.

Manduka ProLite is made from synthetic rubber, but it guarantees that it’ll last you your whole life. This brand also has other models that are recyclable and biodegradable. Jade, on the other hand, prides itself on the quality of its natural rubber mats.

Keep an Eye on the Thickness

It may sound like the first point. But it’s not!

Being light and thin are completely different. You can buy a heavy, thin mat and at the same time, a light thick mat. A good mat should be thin enough to keep you stable and grounded, but thick enough so it gives you a little bit of comfortable padding.

Do you need an exact thickness here? Well, 1/8 inch is my suggestion. But the final decision is up to you.

Choose an Interesting One

Over time, your enthusiasm may wane (and this happens to everyone), and an interesting mat that reflects your personality would help keep you motivated to practice regularly.

Read Reviews

Yeah, I mean it. If you go for a close encounter with the web, you won’t find getting yoga mat reviews a Herculean task. People write reviews after using the products. Even if they don’t use, they research enough to gather the details.

So, reading reviews never hurt. You can collect more information about several yoga mats from it as well.

In case you think you can’t find good yoga mat reviews, check out best yoga mats. You will get precise details about top ten yoga mats there.

Apart from the online reviews, you can ask for opinions from people who are already into yoga.

Wrapping Up

That’s it!

Don’t you think selecting a yoga mat has become easier?

I have given you seven things you should know before buying a yoga mat. As I tried my best to touch all the aspects, I won’t think you need another guide.

As you read, I inserted a link to top ten yoga mats as well. You can check out the same and, compare the products to land on the perfect choice.

Oh, are you already using a yoga mat? You can tell me about it.

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