7 Tips on Getting More Readers to Your Corporate Blog

By carol


If you want to increase the number of visitors to your blog, you should focus on the topics for the blog and should also use content syndication to increase the exposure for the blog on the Web. Your website format may not be designed to encourage visitors to click on the link for your blog. The content on the website should be organized, which will help a visitor to easily navigate to the next Web page. Keywords can be used to enhance SEO.

1 – Website Format

The information on a website should be organized in a simple layout, which will help a visitor to easily find a Web page on the menu. The link for the blog should be included twice on each Web page such as on the top or side menu and also on the footer. The word “blog” must be displayed on a main menu and should not be concealed in a drop-down menu. The link must be active and should be periodically checked to detect any problems.

2 – Website Content

The topics for the blog can be associated with the products or services of a company. Or they could even be chosen to provide information for the members of a local community, such as information about marathon races or about healthy lifestyles. The content for the articles is very important because a blog is a key component of an online marketing campaign. Managers can use a webinar or a corporate sales training course to learn special techniques for blogging.

3 – Blogs

You can include the URL for your blog on your email messages and can use email newsletters to advertise about your blog. The topics should be chosen to attract the members of a target audience such as homeowners or athletes. Customers may want to have information about the contaminants in water or about the different kinds of bread for a bread machine. You can include detailed information about your products or services such as medical treatments. An RSS feed in an important feature for a blog.

4 – Keywords

Your company and the products can be described with some very important keywords. Those keywords could be asphalt, concrete, bulldozers, patios and pavement. If your blog is for a special purpose, such as recipes for cakes, then the keywords could be chocolate cake, vanilla cake and cake icing. Customers will use those keywords in a browser when they are searching for information.

5 – SEO

The information on a website is categorized by the software for the search engines. The web crawlers can detect the text on a Web page such as your keywords. There are meta description tags that can be used as a summary for the content in an article. When a customer searches for a vehicle on the Web, that customer may use the word “truck,” “car,” “auto,” “sedan,” “SUV” or “ATV.” If that keyword has not been included on your website, then that customer will not find your website in the search engine results.

6 – Content Syndication

Content syndication is a simple method for increasing the exposure for an article on the Web by publishing an article on more than one website, which is similar to publishing the article on your corporate website and on your Facebook website. The method is used to attract customers with more than one Web page. The title for a blog article is a link and can include words for Local SEO such as the name of a city and a state, which could attract local customers.

7 – Navigation

If the URLs for your blog articles are in the search engine results, customers can use those links to access your blog. The crucial factors for attracting customers are simple formats, keywords, Web page design and blog topics. The customers must be able to easily navigate through the Web pages on your website, which should have active links that will successfully redirect a customer to the appropriate Web page.

There are many areas of a corporate blog that can impact readership. By understanding both what your target audience is looking for and how to best address their needs, your organization can more effectively build a relevant audience. From there you can use heat mapping and workflow software tools to determine where to add calls to actions and how best to convert you engaged readers, which is almost always the end goal.

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