7 Turnkey Online Business Ideas

By Matt Slykhuis

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There are many turnkey websites that make money out there if you are just prepared to spend a little time doing research on them. Not all of them are suitable for every person. Here we have just a small selection of turnkey online business opportunities.

Graphic Design

This is a great turnkey internet business opportunity for anyone with a little time on their hands. If you have ever had any training in graphic design then you are on a head start. However, this is not essential to have as the internet is full of online instructions. This was it is actually quite easy to learn the fundamentals basic graphic design on your own. You will also find that Adobe Illustrator is a huge help in setting things up. Therefore anyone with a small amount of creativity can get paid for creating or modifying images, and more to the point, make some money from this skill.

Business Coaching

If you have any amount of business experience or even formal teaching here you may be able to set yourself up to coach aspiring entrepreneurs in their business quest. Here you would use your knowledge and skills to get them ogg the ground. You may also be able to help experienced entrepreneurs to keep abreast of new work ideas. If you have joined Linkedin you may be able to write articles there and pick up more work this way.

Specialized Retailer

Here you should pick a specific product, set up your online store and begin to sell. There are literally millions of people who shop online daily. This is an opportunity to start your own online turnkey business. It is best to start with just a few products at first to build up your clientele and then expand. Web hosting services will be able to offer a shopping cart to your site and many vendors will ship directly to your customers so that in effect you become a drop ship company.

Web Design

How many times have you checked out a website only to be appalled by bad spelling, graphics and poorly designed plans. This is a great turnkey business opportunity if you have a small amount of knowledge of HTML and a good eye for graphics and design then you should put your skills to work. Create your own portfolio and contact prospective website owners and begin to sell your skills.


If you are knowledgeable in any subject you can write an ebook! This is a turnkey online business that grows itself. You should think about the target audience and write your book to appeal to them. Find a platform such as Amazon or Blurb – to name but a few – who will publish your book. This is a way of making residual income as once your book is published, it sells without much work from you.

Amazon Reselling

turnkey online business, turnkey internet business, turnkey websites, online turnkey business

Here you in effect are having a garden sale every time you upload an item to be sold. This is a great way for a turnkey website to make money for you. Amazon has a huge market of people who are ready and willing to pay for your unwanted used good. You can sell anything from golf clubs to used books here . You need to set up your Amazon account, then design your shop, upload your items and set them for auction or as direct buys. You can add to your shop whenever you like. In effect you can work as much or as little at this as you like.

Resume/Cover Letter Writer

A great opportunity if you have any amount of spare time. Very few people can actually write a professional letter or draw up a good resume. This is a very much needed area and if you have a good grasp of the English language coupled with a great resume outline then you will be able to charge for producing resumes that – while not bragging about people skills – can accurately focus on relevant points of interest. You could even set up your own turnkey website to advertise your skills. This is also an opportunity to assist with updating Linkedin profiles as often people just do not have time or skills to do this.


We have highlighted just a few of the many turnkey businesses that make money. Most of them do not require a vast amount of financial outlay although all of them need time devoted to them, sometimes only a little. You will find that you may be able to use a skill that you have to actually earn an income – and what better way to help people than to be paid for it!

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