7 Ways To Make Content More Attractive

By sarto.will


Use sub-headings

As it was mentioned before, the majority of people don’t read but scan the content. It is quite understandable with all the amount of the information we have on the Internet right now. People see a title that attracts their attention, open the page and hope to satisfy their curiosity quickly. Seeing the wall of text, they will most likely close the page right away and look for more structured content.

Having subheadings, you show that your text is well organized, thought through and logical; you have a structured and purposeful plan that will help you answer all the questions.

Create lists whenever you can

Many people just love to look through content on the Internet, not reading deep into it. You can use this fact and make at least some of your content easy to perceive. The easier it is to read, the more chances there are that it attracts attention. That’s why lists are so popular these days. For example, here is one of the most popular posts of The Guardian – “Top five regrets of the dying”.


Source: The Guardian

Take care of the design

None of the previous things will matter if your site has a lousy layout. People wouldn’t read super informative posts if the fonts are terrible; they wouldn’t look through infographics if they are smaller or bigger than should be; they wouldn’t stay at your site if it looks amateur. The site’s design is the very first thing to care about if you want your content to look attractive.

Creating content that people will like, read and share is not an easy job, but it is definitely worth it. The last tip in this post is not to focus on one particular tactic. Experiment, mix all the previous advice and analyze the results. Thus, you will find your way of creating engaging content your readers will adore.

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