8 Amazing Tools for Pinterest Every Online Marketer Should Use

By stephanienorman777


One of the major mistake online marketers do is the fact that they neglect an important part of their business: setting everything they can on auto-pilot mode. You see, when it comes to making money, time is the most important aspect of the equation. If you focus your time and attention towards making things work by themselves, you’re saving a huge amount of time, which can be used for different (and more important) actions.

Social media is the new “thing” nowadays, as most of the people spend their time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more social media networks. That is why most of the big names marketers turn their attention towards it. Branding and sales are easier than ever now, when you can directly connect with your potential customers through social media channels, where you can directly pitch them your product or service.

Today, we’re going to take a look at how Pinterest, a very promising social network, can be automated with the use of some specific tools. These tools are meant to help you save time with replacing the tedious work you must put up every single day in order to maintain your Pinterest campaign.

Tool #1: Buffer

If you’re serious about any type of social media marketing, you should definitely check out Buffer tool. With this tool, you can do the following things in a matter of minutes:

  • You can access any website and extract all the images that you like into your Pinterest schedule (using the browser extension)
  • You can pin automatically the content that you’d like
  • Post to multiple networks – you can connect all your other social media accounts and add the same picture to each and every one of them simultaneously

Among these features, you’ll have many more pleasant surprises. This tool offers a lot of time-saving features, and it’s a definitely must-have for every online marketer that uses Pinterest as a marketing source.

Tool #2: Pinvolve

Facebook is still the biggest social media player around, that is why you should take advantage of it and adopt the necessary tools that will help you “harvest” it as easy and as fast as possible.

Pinvolve is a great tool which helps you automatically pull in your pins into your Facebook timeline. Alongside that, it can also do the opposite: converts your Facebook photos and posts into personalized, beautiful pins. Helps your fans share your photos on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter…how cool is that?

The software has a free and a paid version. If you decide to invest in the PRO version, you will take advantage of more automated tools and features that will save you a lot of time, and will make your results more efficient.

Tool #3: Picmonkey

Since pictures are the main format when it comes to Pinterest, having a handy free-to-use online tool for editing is your best choice. Okay, there are those marketers that also have Photoshop Skills – good for you boys and girls. For us others, image editing could be a nightmare if we don’t have the necessary tools at our disposal.

Picmonkey isn’t created just for Pinterest. It is an online image editor, very easy to use, and extremely resourceful when it comes to editing options. You can turn your customer’s testimonials, ads, case studies, and so on…into great images that you’ll instantly post on your Pinterest page.

Tool #4: Snappa

Again, most of us are good marketers, but lame graphic designers. We must do everything we can to take advantage of our strengths instead of focusing on our weaknesses. Image creation, which is basically content creation when it comes to Pinterest can get really tedious and can make us waste a lot of time on things we’re not good at.

Snappa is a great graphic design tool that can be used by any inexperienced person that has trouble creating quality images. The best part is that Snappa is actually designed for marketers. It offers great pre-made templates, editing tools, and an easy drag-and-drop feature, which will all allow you to create awesome content for your Pinterest campaigns.

Tool #5: Pinalerts

This is one great Pinterest tool that helps in so many ways. Basically, whenever someone around the world pins something on your website. Compared to the Pinterest’s e-mail notification that’s being sent to you only when someone repins something, Pinalerts lets you know directly when something has been pinned for the first time.

You can then track back those persons, and connect with them. This can lead to many awesome communities and helpful connections for the future of your business.

Tool #6: Pingroupie

If you want to diversify your traffic generation tactics on Pinterest, you should really start focusing on joining a lot of targeted group boards. Look at Facebook for example… They are such a great source of traffic, because you own that group, you can post whatever you want, and then make it appear to the top by “featuring it”. Many Facebook marketers use it, and they will continue to do so because it just works.

When it comes to Pinterest, you can easily use Pingroupie, a software that allows you to find groups so much easier and faster than ever before. What it is basically: a big database of highly active Pinterest groups. With the help of the tool, you can personalize your search according to your needs and filter the characteristics right until you find whatever you targeted group you need.

Tool #7: SumoMe Image Sharer

People are lazy. Most of the times, even if they wanted to share something, blog owners don’t offer them the quick tools to do so. In order increase your shares of your content, you need to offer your traffic the easiest ways to perform the actions you want, and also set up great Call-To-Actions elements throughout your web page.

SumoMe Image Sharer is a helpful tool that will allow you to place floating share buttons over all your images. You can choose where they can be shared – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. This tool basically provides your traffic with an easy click that will make them share your content way more frequently than that they would normally do.

Tool #8: Tailwind

Let’s not forget about statistics. Every online marketer should know by now that tracking your stats is a one-way go to your business success. Statistics are extremely important because they can show us where we’re at, how we’re doing, and what we need to modify in order to get better results. Luckily, we have great tools at our disposal that can make our analytics jobs way easier than we’d ever expect.

One of those helpful tools we’re talking about is Tailwind. This tool allows you to track your Pinterest and Instagram performance by letting you track your fans growth and your content actions that are performed on your account. Tailwind also offers scheduling features, and optimizable ways of advancing your Pinterest marketing journey. This one is definitely a must!


Pinterest climbed its way to the top extremely quickly, and it seems that the network is nowhere near decline. It will remain an extremely important social media preference for a lot of people (especially US female audiences) for a long time.

One great tip would be to follow the market. The market doesn’t care about you…it continuously evolves, and it evolves fast. You shouldn’t waste time on things that used to work. Watch what’s happening now, and take action immediately – Yeah, we would really recommend you jumping on this awesome social media network, and taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal in order to optimize your Pinterest campaign.

In this article we’ve shown you some of the most useful Pinterest tools that many successful entrepreneurs and marketers use in order to leverage their businesses. Get ahead of the game, and start scouting for other helpful tools that fit your business goals the most, and automate everything you can!

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