8 Reasons Your Business Should Have GPS Vehicle Tracking

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Keeping costs low and earnings high is essential when you own and operate your own business. But if you or your employees work in the field, it can be difficult to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase your revenue.

If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, you may have already thought about implementing a GPS tracking system. But if you operate a smaller fleet, or even a single vehicle, you might be wondering how GPS trackers can help your company and whether or not it’s worth the investment.

Regardless of how many vehicles you have or the line of work you are in, tracking your vehicles with a GPS device can benefit you on three fronts:

  1. Reducing operating costs
  2. Increasing Revenue
  3. Improving vehicle safety and security

Let’s take a closer look at 8 reasons why you need to track your vehicles:

Reducing operating costs

When you install GPS tracking devices in your business vehicles, you can expect to keep a little more cash in your pocket. Here are some areas where you’re sure to see savings:

1. Insurance costs

The most effective GPS tracking systems can help reduce your insurance rates by enhancing fleet safety and security in a number of ways, such as:

? Improving safe driving behavior with driver safety report cards

? Deterring theft

? Providing real-time location data if a vehicle is stolen

? Automating routine vehicle maintenance

By protecting your vehicles with these features, and providing mileage and driver history information, you can often negotiate a discount with your insurance provider. Some insurance providers offer discounts up to 30% for companies that track their vehicles with GPS devices.

2. Fuel consumption

Many GPS systems will give you the information you need to build more efficient routes so drivers spend less time on the road – and that means lower fuel usage. For instance, Linxup features an easy to use Google Maps interface, and with Linxup’s real-time alert system you can monitor driver behavior to identify and cut down on fuel-wasting driving behaviors such as speeding or idling. Combined, these features can help you reduce your fleet’s fuel usage by up to 20%. For some businesses, that can mean using up to 8 gallons less fuel per month per vehicle.

3. Vehicle maintenance

Routine preventive maintenance decreases time lost as a result of unnecessary emergency repairs, keeps drivers on the road, and helps to spot wear and tear before it becomes an expensive problem. With a Linxup GPS tracking system, you can develop an automated maintenance schedule based on mileage or service schedules and receive reminders when service is due so you never miss an oil change or license renewal again.

Increasing revenue

Let’s delve a little deeper into GPS tracking technology and learn about a few of the ways it can increase your business’s revenue.

4. More service calls

Real-time location tracking and live traffic updates give you the ability to plan better routes, monitor traffic conditions, and dispatch the closest or most convenient driver to any jobsite, which means you can serve more clients every day. With Linxup’s Route Monitor feature, you can also use your car tracking device to track job progress and make changes to routes and schedules in real time as problems arise.

5. Better customer service

Access to real-time location tracking and up-to-date traffic conditions means you can give your clients accurate ETAs and direct your drivers on the fastest route to any service call, which is something that will be truly appreciated in emergency situations like a burst pipe. And when service is complete, you can use your GPS tracker’s geofencing feature to automatically email your customers to let them know that their service is complete.

By providing a better customer service experience, you’ll gain more positive reviews and have a happier, more loyal customer base that will recommend you to their friends.

Improving vehicle safety & security

It’s not just about the money! GPS tracking systems can bolster your business’s safety and security, creating a better, safer, and more positive work environment.

6. Decreased risk of theft and assists with asset recovery

Having GPS tracking devices installed in your vehicles or heavy equipment deters theft by signalling to would-be thieves that they can be tracked down more easily, making your vehicle a less desirable target. With Linxup’s real-time location tracking and alerts for unauthorized behavior, you’ll know as soon as someone takes your vehicle or equipment outside an authorized area, or starts up one of your vehicles after-hours.

In the event that a vehicle is stolen, you can provide the police with your GPS data to aid in their investigation and speed up the recovery process, reducing costly downtime spent waiting to recover or replace lost equipment or vehicles.

7. Protects against customer disputes

With a GPS tracking device, your fleet is equipped with hard data that proves your drivers were in a specific location at a specific time. This information acts as a safeguard against customer complaints and bill disputes that may cost you revenue and negatively impact your reputation.

8. Safer driving

Being able to monitor driver performance makes drivers more accountable and provides you with a unique opportunity to encourage safe driving habits. With a Linxup car tracker, you can access a driver safety report card for each day and view the overall safety score of an individual driver or your entire fleet.

Linxup GPS tracking devices also alert you to key driving events like speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration, making it easy for you to identify coaching opportunities and areas for improvement, as well as reward safe behavior.

Start tracking

GPS tracking devices can help your business cut down on wasted resources and increase productivity and revenue. Linxup’s vehicle tracking system will help you optimize your fleet’s performance so it can run more smoothly, provide even better customer service, and deliver a superior performance.

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