8 Ways to Raise Funds for School

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Are you looking to raise money for educational purposes? Whether your school is trying to provide enriching extras or cover education basics, it falls on the parent to raise money to make up the difference. Raising money does not need to be a daunting task; just find fun activities for raising money such as walking and reading competitions. Here are some great ideas for raising money for school:

Getting Paid for Good Efforts

By holding a read-a-thon, kids can get their friends and families to sponsor them for doing something educational that benefits them. A somewhat similar event is a spell-a-thon, where kids are paid for every word that they spell correctly. Some fun activities – walk- and run-a-thons – encourage schoolchildren to get fit while fundraising.

Having Fun for a Good Cause

If you want to raise money whilst having fun, you should do it. Fashion shows, family-oriented carnivals, and casino nights are good ways to bring people together and support a good cause. Although such large-scale events require a lot of effort to arrange, they also raise huge amounts of money. If you want fun events that do not require as much effort, plan for a night out at a restaurant.

Turning Trash into Treasure

You need to encourage the school community to clean out their basements and closets. Once they are cleaned out, the items that they do not need can be sold at a yard sale. Participants should then donate a percentage of their profits to the school. If you want to earn money through recycling, your school should collect old cell phones and sell them.

Asking for Checks

Some schools might choose to avoid the overhead costs and effort of fundraising by asking the parents to make donations. If your school has never tried this approach, ensure that they get parent input before they do. It might not be very popular amongst the parents. Crowdfunding is another approach for creative fundraising ideas. A website is setup to request donations for different needs. Let everyone in the community know about the fundraising website so that you can get adequate donations.

Raffling and Auctioning Goods and Services

Whether as a standalone fundraiser or part of an auction event, auctioning off donated items is a great way to make money with little overhead. You can ask the local community and businesses to donate items for the auction. Such fundraisers are a great way for your school to show off its creativity. You can also auction off front row seats for graduation, great parking spaces, or car-detailing services. If all staff members agree, you can talk them into doing something embarrassing that the kids would pay to see: kissing a pig or dyeing their hair.

Selling Something

Some people will buy candy and gift-wrap, even if they do not need them, to support a good cause. However, before starting a sales campaign, make sure that you calculate the profit that you will earn. If you like an old-fashioned bake sale, check with the district to find out what is permitted. You can also sell school t-shirts that have been designed by the kids or their parents.

Getting Money for Nothing

Sometimes all that a parent has to do is shop. Some major retailers give a percentage of loyalty cardholder’s acquisitions to the school. Amazon School Rewards give up to fifteen percent of sales back to members who shop through dedicated links. Using these programs is an easy way to earn money for the school.

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