A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Your Startup Online

By Brooke Chaplan

A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Your Startup Online

Founding your startup was easy, but now comes the hard part. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of making any startup a success and gaining a standing with new customers. No matter the size of your budget, there are many simple digital solutions that will give even a fledgling venture the tools it needs to thrive. Consider these tips that are an industry standard among digital marketers today.

Start A Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways for new businesses to reach potential clients and build up a reputation among the public. It’s also one of the most cost effective tools in your marketing arsenal. A blog can be added to any website, or created on its own through sites such as WordPress. There’s no charge for these sites unless a registered or unique domain name is included.

You don’t have to be a graphic artist or writer to maintain a blog. If cost is an issue, ask friends with experience in the field to be a ghostwriter or guest blogger for your site. You may also find qualified candidates through remote work options. You can even find guest blogging services that can help you build up good content, and since most freelance writers and graphic artists offer reasonable rates, you’ll find something for every budget consideration.

Social Media Matters

It’s always important to keep up communication options with your customers, founders and investors. Social media is a cost-effective choice that establishes one-on-one dialogue, while reaching the billions of social media users throughout the world. The platforms you choose should reflect what the startup stands for and the goods or services it offers. Keep in mind, demographics are also important in determining which options are the best.

Facebook appeals to a lot of older demographics and is no longer the popular choice for younger users. Twitter has a loyal, but smaller following among all age groups. Instagram as well as Tumblr brings in younger followers, including teenagers.

Advertise in the Right Places

Carefully consider your online advertising strategy while devising digital marketing plans. You can get advice for some of the best strategies and tactics from places like Multifuse who offer white-label SEO products and guest blogging. Facebook as well as Twitter offer easy to follow advertising programs that many startups will find within their budget. For startups with little capital for advertising, a bit of creativity is necessary. Place a free ad on Craigslist sites in selected locations that are important to your potential client base. Visit forums that relate to your startup’s goals. For example, a gaming startup should visit sites where video gaming enthusiasts talk about anything and everything gaming related. Build up a rapport through conversations about topics that matter to the audience.

Start a Newsletter and Email List

Many established ventures rely on newsletters and email lists to keep in touch with interested parties. It’s also a great way to remind them of what you have to offer. Many do-it-yourself website design services offer easy to install apps or programs that simplify the creation of contact lists. In terms of both collecting emails and writing newsletters, these options offer low cost or no cost solutions to every database.

Don’t Be Ruled By Analytics

Many digital marketers will emphasize analytics. They are important tools of the trade and you should monitor them closely. The trick is to never let them overtake your common sense when it comes to digital marketing. The best approach is to look over your analytics no more than once a day. Any more and your overall goals the startup’s marketing success could take a backseat to constant analysis. Programs are also available that compile daily analytics for you and can save the entire business a ton of time.

Owning and operating a startup can be a rewarding experience. It all depends on how you approach promotional and marketing opportunities. The right marketing tools and strategies make it easy to turn any venture into something you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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