Advantages of PMP Certification

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Project managers are the backbone of every project irrespective of the industry they are working in. Businesses want the best project managers who have the necessary certifications for their projects. PMP certification by the Project Management Institute is recognized throughout the world and is the premier certification for project managers. Projects that have PMP certified managers have a higher success rate than the ones without.

Every project manager needs to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close the project. These are the basics and the essentials. The PMP certification tests the applicants on these parameters. The weightage given for initiating is different from the others; the weightage for planning differs from the others and so on. It is believed to be a very difficult test with many project managers not passing in the first attempt. It requires a lot of time and determination to succeed in the first attempt. Let’s look at the cost of the certification:

The cost to write the PMP certification exam is USD 550. This cost is for non-members of the Project Management Institute (PMI). If you are a member then the cost is lesser and you need to pay just USD 405. The membership also comes with a cost but the many benefits that you get for becoming a member easily make up for the cost incurred. Most people do not pass on the first attempt and if you need to reattempt it then you need to shell out an additional USD 275 if you are a Project Management Institute member and if you are a non-member you pay USD 100 more. Other than the exam cost, you will also incur costs for books, training etc. Overall you will be spending nearly USD 1000 to get this certification. However, those who pass the exam tell that the benefits far outweigh the costs involved.

The many advantages of PMP certification are:

Work in your dream sector:

PMP certification is not limited to any one industry or sector. If you are a PMP certified project manager, you will get opportunities in every industry because every business wants the best person to handle their projects. More opportunities mean the chances of working in your dream sector also increases.


The PMP certification tells your employer that you are a person who can be relied upon. It means you have the necessary skills for the job, it also conveys to the employer that you are very serious about your work and are really committed. These are traits that are essential for every project manager.

High salary:

A project manager without PMP certification generally gets on average 20% lesser salary than a project manager who holds a PMP certification. The certification has a lot of value and it also helps you to get the higher salary that you are hoping for, plus you will be way ahead of the competition when it comes to interviews.

Driving force:

As a project manager you are the one whom everyone looks up to. The team needs a driving force and that force is you. Without a good team a project manager cannot achieve anything. By getting PMP certification you will have the skills to manage the team well and you will be able to communicate your requirements in a better manner. Achieving the goals as a team becomes very easy.

Better risk management:

Every organization knows that every project has a number of risks involved with it. As a project manager you are supposed to be prepared for the risks and mitigate them when it occurs. With PMP certification you will be able to analyse the risks quickly and with the advanced risk management skills that you possess you can mitigate the risk and even convert it into an opportunity for which the team and organization will be forever thankful.


With your PMP certification and your membership with PMI you will have a lot of opportunities to network with like-minded individuals in various industries or sectors. You will also be able to learn a lot more, project management is an on-going learning process and with many individuals who support you, you will be able to gain knowledge. When you are able to handle many different projects with the best skills it also enhances your reputation and you will be able to market yourself well when you seek better opportunities.

Problem solver:

Every project manager knows that there will be problems right from the ideation of the project till the execution. But what sets apart a project manager with PMP certification is the ease with which they manage problems and solve them. The PMP certification course covers many problems and teaches the manager many strategies to overcome the problems. This learning helps the project manager when they are faced with such problems on an almost daily basis.

In conclusion:

The exam is not about memorising concepts and writing them, it involves the application of the concepts learnt practically and that too within a stipulated time frame. Most of the project managers who attempt the PMP certification exam are all employed. They usually have only a limited amount of time to study but PMP certification requires a person to be well versed with the Project Management Body of Knowledge guide and this takes a lot of time. Though the PMP certification seems daunting, it can easily be passed with help from Global REP’s like KnowledgeHut.

KnowledgeHut provides classes for 35 contact hours. The best part is that you get to take part in mock exams and not one but 6 full length mock exams. When the applicant solves the 1200 practice questions in the mock exams, he or she will be fully prepared for the real exam. You can take part in classroom mode or if you cannot be present at classrooms physically you can take part in e-learning and then ace the examination. The course advisor will also assist you and help you reach your examination goal.

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