Affordable Solutions to Getting More Content on Your Blog

By Blogtrepreneur

Though writing may be your passion, maintaining a blog is a lot of work. Many bloggers after several months of writing start to run out of fresh new ideas to put on their site. As a result, the blog posts become less frequent and readers stop following. You’ve worked hard to earn your readers and losing them, simply because you need more content isn’t worth it. There are avenues you can take to beef up content on your blog without breaking the bank.

Guest Bloggers

There are a lot of writers out there with similar knowledge and interests. You can save yourself a lot of time and get content from a different perspective by advertising a need for guest bloggers. Now, before you start thinking about how much a top blogger might charge for an article, there is a more affordable approach. By offering to let bloggers create a byline and use the content as their own, you can often find bloggers that would be willing to create content for you just to get the exposure. Essentially, it’s like bartering. Instead of paying them for a blog post you’re allowing them to use your blog as a platform for free.

Affiliate Marketers

Adding other bloggers to the mix does give your blog a certain depth that it cannot have when every post is written by you. There are a lot of great and talented writers out there who could help you take your blog to new heights. However, if money is tight and you’re in need of writers, consider joining an affiliate marketing network. Affiliate marketers generate digital content that is placed online to draw traffic to your website. The information these marketers create can be shared on your blog to boost readership. With cost per action or cpa offers available, you could essentially pay marketers for every new subscriber you get to your blog from their posts. Since you don’t have to pay unless an action is taken you save a lot more money than simply paying someone to write a post.

Shareable Content

Don’t have much to say, but found some great posts you’d love to share with your audience? Why not share content from other great bloggers on your site? By drafting up a small summary or opinion on the piece and providing an original link to the content, you can sometimes share what you’ve found online with your blog audience. If you’ve written on other platforms before, like a feature post on a major magazine, sometimes you’re allowed to share it other places for increased exposure. You could add these posts to your blog as well. This saves you from having to write your own post and helps another blogger – who may return the favor.

Ask Your Followers

If you have a really good rapport with your blog followers, asking them to contribute to your blog can be an effective way to get more content online. Your followers certainly have something to say and if you’ve noticed someone in the comment section quite often, asking them to write a piece on their opinions may work. A reader would love the idea of seeing their own writing online and probably won’t ask for much in return since they don’t write for a living.

Consider Video

Another option when you’re dealing with writer’s block or just can’t churn out as much content as you’d like is adding video. Video blogging or vlogging as it is called has become a new trend. Creating short messages to share with your audience and adding a small paragraph or two for the description can give them fresh, engaging content they can view until you’re ready to start writing again. With a smartphone and sites like YouTube, creating a video is fairly easy and definitely affordable.

A blog must be relevant, accurate, and current at all times in order to maintain popularity. As a blog writer, there can come times when you just don’t have the means to write enough content. Whether you’re dealing with writer’s block, time constraints, or you’re simply stretched too thin, the options listed above should help you to get more quality content posted without breaking the bank. Your readers will love the variety and will most certainly come back to visit again and again.

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