Amazing Twin Cribs for your double bundles of joy

By Brooke Collins

Preparing for twins is both exciting and also very stressful. Having twins is certainly a big blessing but with twice the joy comes the realization that everything and anything needs to be

Perfect for your twins until they start rolling over, the BabyHome So-Ro cradle looks amazing and has a nice forward rocking motion that will send your babies to dreamland in no time. Research also shows the forward rocking motion is better for babies than the side-to-side motion.

The center divider can be removed to allow your babies some time together for early bonding. Thanks to rounded corners and the modern walnut finish this crib easily matches your modern house. Comes with two bassinet mattress pads and washable covers. It is certainly easy to see why parents of twins give this double crib a big thumbs up!

2. DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib

Two babies in the same nursery sometimes require being creative with optimizing the space you have available to make double cribs fit. The DaVinci Emily Mini Crib is a great option if two full size cribs would just take too much space. Available in 6 colors and 2 styles you are sure to find a combination that fits perfectly with your home.

You can also purchase rails separately that will allow you to later convert them into twin beds – a good option to extract the most value from this investment. You and your babies will sleep soundly knowing it comes with all the health and safety features you expect.

3. Whitney Bros WB9920 Two Level Crib

Whitney Bros designs this amazing space-saving two level crib with twin parents in mind. Made in the USA, it is GreenGuard certified product and is made of maple wood with natural finish. This unique double-decker design has the upper portion of the crib fixed with a folding front rail while the bottom part slides out for easy access.

Because the bottom crib can be removed, you can take it to another room for playtime. This is especially nice in the not-so-ideal situation where one is in dreamland and the other is ready for play! Grab this exceptional crib if you have limited space.

4. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

Yet another great twin crib is the Graco Pack n Play with Twin Bassinet. It is crafted of metal plastic and enjoys great customer rating. The removable bassinet is ideal for napping where quilted mattress pad provides a comfy nap space. Assists your twins to have sweet dreams as light shielding canopies keep the bright light away from them.

Equipped with features like handy wheels to move around, innovative squeeze latch for quick pack up, airy mesh for ventilation and contemporary look for fashionable décor it is a great addition to any home. It is an American bestselling brand that is well known for offering innovative and simple to use cribs.

5. Safababy Sleeper Cot Divider

If you already have a full-size crib there is usually plenty of room for more than one baby but to make it safe you need a divider. Safababy is an interesting potential solution as cribs for twin babies by turning any full-size crib into one suitable for twins.

The added benefit of the solution is the “feet-to-foot” sleeping position recommended by many experts. Proper security and comfort is ensured for newborns as it has a security strap that holds the blanket securely fitted under the mattress. While your babies will eventually outgrow this solution it is a great option to get started if you already have a full-size crib.


Buying twin cribs is certainly more challenging than shopping for a single baby but with the great options above you should be all set. Just be realistic and creative and you are sure to find a solution that fits both your style, space and budget. It might seem like twice the work but in the end you are rewarded with twice the fun, double the smiles and the satisfaction of two siblings that will grow up to be best friends. This all starts with all the bonding they will be doing as happy babies in their new awesome cribs!

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