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Anyone who’s ever done more than a light jog on the treadmill on a regular basis will understand the importance of getting your nutritional foundation right. If you’re a regular gym-goer who’s looking to increase activity levels or even if you’re a semi-pro prepping for

There are some hard and fast criteria for a good vitamin base to deliver effective results. To maintain your general health you’ll need a broad range of vitamins and minerals with a common hit list including vitamin A to aid cell growth, D to strengthen bones and protect against breakages and B6 for hormonal balance. Strenuous workouts can make you more susceptible to getting sick so Zinc is an essential to give your immune system a boost too.

A healthy base is great but if you’re hitting the gym hard you’ll want to see visible results so your multi-vitamin needs to bulk up its added extras to make this a reality. Milk thistle, hawthorn and ginseng are all great performance boosters and Animal Pak Reviews show that they’re found in abundance in Universal Nutrition’s daily supplement. Energy is key if you’re going to be training heavily so you’ll want to look for a multi-vitamin complex that contains antioxidant and digestive enzymes to keep your system clear of anything that will slow you down and make your body sluggish.

Product Overview

Animal Pak is a multi-vitamin and mineral complex designed to give your body the nutritional base to stay healthy, repair and build during an intense training regimen. It’s a reasonably priced product for the punch it packs. There are 11 pills to swallow each day to keep your body in balance, and the dosage contains a range of essential nutrients which help kick start your other supplements into action too.


  • Over 20 vitamins and minerals
  • Antioxidants including grape seed extract to keep your system free of toxins
  • Performance enhancing ingredients
  • 11 pills per pack
  • Over 30 years on the market and a constantly evolving product


Universal Nutrition’s Animal Pak reviews reveal a faithful band of brand followers who have great things to say about this supplement. Using the product alongside a balanced diet, users report increased energy levels, faster recovery times and a general feeling of bodily well-being.

Further Animal Pak reviews mention a strong preference for Universal Nutrition’s product over a standard supermarket multivitamin and the overall effect trumped many others on the market. There’s a solid sense of trust amongst fans, with some having reaped the effects of Pak for several decades. Regular users consider it an essential part of their daily intake when training hard, and found it works best taken with a large meal and plenty of H2O.


Animal Pak vitamin supplement reviews sit at a comfortable 4 or 5 stars for the most part but there are one or two snags in the system which could use some attention. Complaints mostly center around the size of the pills with some users commenting that they’re difficult to swallow. Taste doesn’t score too highly either, with customers put off by a bitterness which might need worked on.

With a huge range of vitamins and minerals to boost your system and keep you on a healthy track the supplement is a hit with many heavy lifters but there’s an argument in some Animal Pak reviews that contents can be wasted because the body can’t always process such an influx of vitamins.


If you’re doing heavy lifting or intense training it’s natural for your body to get tired, sore and eventually run down. A balanced diet will get you where you need to be but for the groundwork to really carry you through those hardcore sessions, investing in a multivitamin which delivers in a broad range of areas is essential.

Animal Pak is a trusted brand with an evolutionary attitude behind it. Its complex vitamin and mineral ingredient list combines with antioxidants, performance enhancing additions and digestive enzymes to give you the foundation you need to train well and give other supplements the go-ahead for great results.

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