Balancing Work and Family Life for Entrepreneurs

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Does this ever happen to you: the kids have after-school activities, homework to help with, a dog to walk, supper to cook, employees to manage, meetings every other hour and you’re wondering how everything will get done?

Trying to balance the family life while being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. When the family is happy, tasks at work start to pile up. So you spend a bit more time at work, and then life at the house spirals out of control. So you’re left thinking, how can I balance this all?

When you start taking on too many things, you put yourself at risk for a complete burnout. Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur you already have a million things on your plate. But once you’ve reached that overwhelmed state, it’s hard to get back on track.

So let’s prevent burnouts from happening and learn ways to balance your work and family life throughout the day. Here are a few ways to help keep your work-life on track, so you have more time for your family.

Lighten Up Your Load

More than likely if you are struggling to balance work and home, you have taken on way too much. Although easier said than done, lighten up your workload. When you work countless hours throughout the week, you’re not only fighting to get everything done. But now you are working against fatigue. If you can barely stay awake, how do you expect to get any work done? Then when you do come home, you won’t have the energy to spend with your family.

Find ways to lighten up your workload. Whether that be by extending deadlines, hiring more staff or simply saying no occasionally, find ways to do less. Then you won’t be pushing yourself to the maximum, and still have energy left over for your family.

Schedule Your Day and Prioritize Your Life

Prioritize the important things in life. Maybe that means merely organizing your tasks throughout the day or figuring out what means the most to you in life. Family should come first and work second. Your number one priority should receive the largest portion of your attention on average.

Schedule everything you do, not just list everything to do in a day. It’s easy to make a to-do list and start pushing items to the next day or the week after. But if you schedule your tasks on your calendar each day, you’re more likely to get everything done reasonably.

While you are at it, block off times on your calendar for specific moments like family time. Maybe from five to eight is time with the kids and the work phone is off. Then eight to nine is a bit of work reading while the kids are in bed. After nine is your time to spend with your spouse. Bring the same scheduling system you leverage at work into your home. It may seem odd at first to schedule in specific family moments, but it can help keep you balanced.

Protect Your Future

Balancing your work and home doesn’t always mean at this very moment. It is a good idea to think about the future and what both aspects of your life will look like. Now take yourself out of that picture and how would everything look?

Prepare for the unexpected and look at life insurance to cover both your work and family. So then if you were to pass away unexpectantly, both sides would be financially protected.

Don’t expect drastic changes overnight. These are habits you need to build. But start with lightening up your load and prioritizing your day a little bit more, you start freeing up a few more minutes. Dedicate those moments to your family.

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