Benefits of Marketing Automation

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You may have heard about it and you might even know a few marketers who seem to be infatuated with it. The thing is, do you really know what marketing automation is?

Marketing automation is a term that is used to describe software that exists that has the goal of automating various actions associated with marketing. Quite a few marketing departments have found that they need to automate tasks that are repetitive, such as social media, emails, and other actions on websites. The marketing automation tech makes all of these tasks easier.

Where to Begin

There are quite a few different marketing automation software options that are available to you. How do you know which one will be ideal for you and your company? You might want to consult a marketing automation comparison guide to help you in selecting one. A guide such as this will give you the ability to know how to find and compare all of the varied solutions and the features that they offer.

Social Media

It cannot be stressed enough: Social Media platforms are critical marketing tools! Yes, it can become tedious updating the social media sites, posting content, and responding to messages. However, if you have the right marketing automation software, most of the pain of this will be taken away. Yes, you will still have an active presence on the platforms and you will have to remember that people like short posts as opposed to ones that go on forever… as long as they are quality posts. But the marketing automation software can make all of this something that is done automatically.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

There is a reason why the industry for marketing automation is growing. Tools for marketing automation provide marketing and sales benefits that only a few years ago were dreams to marketers. One of those benefits has to do with productivity. An important function of the automation of marketing is making the routine marketing and organizational tasks simpler. This gets rid of manual processes that are repetitive by using automated solutions in their place. This serves to increase productivity because then marketing personnel has the ability to increase their focus on tasks that need stricter manual monitoring.

Central Marketing Database

Another benefit of this type of software is that it creates a place for all of your marketing data. This includes customer and prospect behaviors and interactions so that you will be able to segment and then target the ideal message for each customer. This can be thought of as a sort of system of record that holds all of your relevant marketing data.

Qualification of Productivity and Incoming Leads

The automation of marketing gets rid of those tedious recurring tasks that are associated with the planning and launch of an advertising campaign. It uses behavioral and demographic data – such as forms that have been filled out, downloads, pages visited, etc. – and that, combined with a scoring system for leads, will identify any leads that are qualified and ready to be contacted by your sales team. In traditional settings, sales teams would follow up with each and every lead that came into the system. Marketing automation will eliminate any unnecessary time from being spent on leads that are not qualified. Marketing automation can be thought of as the command center that combines the management of your marketing efforts and your sales across all of the channels from getting the lead until the sale is closed.

Better ROI and Reduced Costs

With better efficiency for marketing time and better sales, marketing automation allows organizations to nurture those leads that yield more opportunities while also providing critical insight into the various marketing campaigns. This will systematically determine which marketing campaigns are less effective and which ones are dominating. This leads to a better return on your investments in your marketing programs.

Marketing automation can also assist companies when it comes to extending all of their marketing initiatives until they include social media on a B2B level. Conversations held by consumers on social sites will be integrated into the system and then those opinions can be responded to in real time. This works to develop relationships and then to generate sales across a wide variety of channels.

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