Best 3 RV AM FM Antennas: Listen To The Radio On The Road

Best 3 RV AM FM Antennas: Listen To The Radio On The Road

By Chriss Smith

Dual MAR16B Marine Flexible Mast AM FM Antenna Black

There are many FM AM antennas to choose from and they offer a variety of features. There’s no doubt the easiest way to find the best RV AM FM antenna to meet your needs is to find an FM antenna review on your preferred antennas.

People who have purchased the product and taken time to write a product review can offer some of the most valuable advice available on the practical use.

A customer written FM antenna review can let you in on how well the antenna works, or if there have been instances where there may have been a problem. Here we have listed three of the top antenna reviews to help you decide which is the best FM antenna and which is going to work best for you on your travels.

If you are wondering how to mount your antenna, these

For those adventurous individuals who need a multipurpose RV antenna that will suit being used on the RV and freshwater or marine situations, and is as rugged as they are, the MAR16 from Dual is a perfect fit. This one is constructed to last.

If you take your boat for a spot of fishing along the way on your road trip, and find that beautifully inviting stretch of water for fresh fish for dinner, you can listen to some soothing classical music on the FM band…

The mast is flexible enough to be able to handle the winds encountered out on the road and in marine life, and the exterior is constructed of rubber so it is resistant to erosion that is common when exposed to salt water and its environment.

Versatility is one of the key features as the MAR16 is equipped with a 180-degree base that swivels and has a 54 inch cable which means it can be mounted virtually anywhere on the RV or boat.

You also have a choice between a white or black mast. The design is such that you can mount it from a variety of angles so it allows you to place it in a location which is convenient for you.

rv am fm radio antenna

2) Pyramid 3800 AM FM Antenna with Builtin Power Booster

Pyramid 3800 AM FM Antenna with Builtin Power Booster for RVDon’t underestimate the small size of this AM FM antenna from Pyramid; it’s small but it’s powerful, making it one of the best FM antennas.

It is easy to install and the antenna has an extended length of up to 53 inches. This retractable antenna can be set at any desired length.

The antenna is on a universal deluxe ball base which is adjustable. The Top Cowl Mount reaches an entire 180 degrees and it has a flexible spring mount.

The Pyramid 3800 also comes with a 1-year manufacture warranty. The built-in power booster is a big plus and reception is outstanding. The RV Am FM antenna allows you to pick up your favorite stations while on the road in any type of vehicle.

rv am fm radio antenna

3) Jensen Marine AN150SR AM FM Amplified Antenna

Best RV AM FM AntennasIf you are looking for an antenna to use either inside or outside, the Jensen Marine AN150SR is your last stop.

It is easy to install and comes with adhesive foam strips to allow you to put it wherever you want including marine applications. It also comes with a lengthy 7-foot cable and a 6 milliamps 12v power source.

The Jensen Marine is a long-range amplified antenna which meets the needs of the most demanding listeners.

The antenna can capture AM and FM signals from longer distances offering listeners more variety and a better signal overall.

fm radio antenna


These are the top three AM FM antennas designed for the DIY enthusiast. Each of them are easy to install and that means that just minutes after receiving the package, you can begin enjoying your favorite stations.

As you read each of the antenna reviews, notice that they all have different features and each individual person has their own personal preference and one of these three powerful, high quality antennas is sure to meet them. Another great benefit to purchasing one of these antennas is you have the ability to put it wherever you want it, in the house, your RV to use anywhere you choose, or on your boat as you wile away a lazy afternoon while waiting for dinner…..

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